Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My dirty old dump chair is no more. Now it is a pretty green ready for fire pit viewing. This chair is plastic but is very heavy and it has a fake wood grain in it. I am sure that someone paid more than I would have for this chair.(picture looks splochy but it is not)Of course I didn't pay anything for it. I have a hint to make dinner seem like more. I buy Jiffy mixes all the time they are cheap and good. I only buy this kind and the corn muffin mix. I just picked some chives from the garden and mixed them in.
Made some honey butter. Plain old beans and hot dogs seem better.

My friend Tricia gave me these sweet dishes they are dolphin ware. Never heard of them she said to put them in my booth. The more I look at them the more I think they belong at my house. They scream summer on the porch.

Just a few finds at the thrift shop. Someone donated lots of men's Gap shirts that would fit my husband so I got him a few. I found this wind chime. it is made from old silverware that is flattened or twisted. It makes a sweet sound.

I have a cold and have been just laying around and thinking. Not a good thing for me to do. I get all kinds of crazy ideas and then I tell them to my husband and make him crazy. So I guess I truly am at the crazy house. Speaking of crazy house at 3 am my 16 year old cat knew I wasn't feeling well so she brought me a present right to my bed. You can guess what it was!! Gray, dead, four little feet. My poor husband thought for sure I was being murdered in the night. OHHHHHH big news my friend Lisa (we swapped garden plants)
got married!!! congratulations. She now has such a big name like Thurston Howell the third's wife I think I will call her lovey from now on. Hugs to you both Lisa and David!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I just love wind chimes made of old silverware. A couple years ago I bought some for gifts that were hanging from old graters. Just too sweet.
Oh mice...I just don't like them in the house. I live in the city, but have had problems with them ~ they just LOVE dog biscuits!
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

...CATHY! what a treat when im busy for a week or two, and can read a few 'blogs'!...and im mentioned! lol....thank u for the kind words (always)...omg! my cats (5, so 5 times the 'gifts') do the same! i KNEW i felt one 'playin' on my bed not long ago/middle of the night..dreaded to look..(but was afraid it was still alive! and would work its way into the covers! (the on/dead mouse. phew. WHEN do u pray for a dead mouse on ur bed?!!....ur kitty loves u...x0x0x00x (and im with u on the plastic chair! the charm of th wooden ones are i glued YET ANOTHER broken pc back onto my ancient wooden one!..)