Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Weekend

Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. Alfred Austin 1835-1913
I hope this tells you I am sunny,happy and enjoy a rest now and then. I spent today working in the garden. Got a lot done and it is looking very happy and pretty. On Sat I went to a few yard sales. Nothing earth shattering but did get some things for my antique (junk) booth.

One yard sale a lady was having a difficult time getting stuff out and then she tells me that the lady who was suppose to do the yard sale had a heart attack the night before and she is doing the best she can. So I had to buy the water color of the blue flowers 1.00. Done by the heart attack lady.

I also found a yard sale that a lady who did own a country store business. She closed it and had a garage full of things very very cheap. I bought the balls there they had 7.50 prices and paid .25 each. So I bought a bag full of things and paid less than 5.00 and have a lot of gifts for the holidays. The Ansel Adams calender was .10 thought my daughter may like to frame these. And I always look for decorating books.
We got a chance to get together with family on Sunday for a cook out and some games. I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday and took some time to remember the military past and present and their families.

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lace & arsenic said...

love that lil cook stove thing!...i didnt go to even ONE yard sale cathy! ughghgh...maybe this weekend?!...OH! i ended up buying that easel from the thrift shop! just put it on my hearth, with an art book, opened to peonies, which match my peonie silk bouquet i have on the floor nearby! pretty cool!..(will burn up in the winter tho! lol)..x0x0x0