Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I made this wreath from some costume jewelery that my mother in law had and filled in with some I had. It is a small grape vine wreath wrapped in fake pearls and then I epoxied the pieces on. It usually hangs in front of a mirror that I have in my bedroom. When my mother passed away I found lots of screw on earrings. Now I never saw my mother with a pair of earrings on ever. So not sure if it was the shiny bits she was drawn to or just a bit of a hoarder.

I hung the earrings from the loops on the shade(a horrid picture) and then I started filling the shade with pins she had and added ones I had. This lamp is on my porch and I get so many comments on it and I now have friends bringing me bits and pieces they find. I will wait until the next sunny day and take a better picture of it.
My house is tucked in the woods on a dead end street. It is usually so quiet and lately work has been the pits and I count on my house to help me de-stress. The guy next door is building a barn and the land in the back is being selectively logged. Not so quiet. The only good thing is we are super shady and when some of the towering pines are gone we will have more sun especially in the winter. Plus it is bike week here in central N.H. that means about 150,000 bikes(motorcycles) in the area.
It has been rainy so that has kept it quiet. But the weekend is 80's and 90's so they will be out in force. I am not sure if I will get to yard sale or not with all the bikes here.

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lace & arsenic said...

..cutest lamp! awesome idea!...that is so funny about ur mom/earrings! isnt it weird, what we DONT kno about a close family member?..i string lovely old strands of fake pearls around anything!..the luster is too pretty to sit on a yard sale table, so i used to nab them TOO often!..i even hung them from my rear view mirror in the car!! (and often had spilled beads on my floormatts when a stand broke! lol)..