Sunday, May 2, 2010

weekend finds

I went to yard sales on Saturday. Nothing really exciting but a few good things. the santa on the far left is a freebie. he is a tree topper and completely wonderful. The angel is a bit vintage not sure how old. I got this chopping board from the free santa lady for 1.00 I was going to sell it but now that I have it home I love it. Look at his tail it is a small knife.
I got 2 jars. I didn't think they were vintage but when I turned it over it said walmart. I paid 1.00 a piece. So I had to do something to make them a little more spiffy.

I painted the covers and I had some decals. The decals were so old that most of them just fell apart but I did manage to get 2 to work. I just love the look. very vintage inspired.

Then On Sunday my daughter and I went to an animal shelter thrift shop. Where we always get really good buys. And then she stole my heart!!!!

I have not had a dog in several years and I do not usually go to the shelter part but something was tugging at my heart today. There are a few problems. 1. My husband who is the kindest person I know thinks that we should not be tied to a dog as he is retiring and we like to go away when we can. 2. She is a stray who has been there for 4 days and still has a couple of days before she can be released and then the vet goes over her. 3. I have a 16 year old cat who has to come first and they do not know at this point if she is good with cats. 4. I still work full time so she would be alone days. I will say she was very cool, calm ,and collected no barking, no jumping at the fence. And responded to sit. I can not believe that someone is not looking for her.
She seems well fed and cared for. So I will wait for the 2 more days and really think this through and really talk to my husband. I did put in an application for her but I am not sure if I was the first to do that. So I am trying to not get my hopes up but all I want to do is hug her neck.


katie said...

Love your garage sale finds. The jar look much better after you vintaged them up a bit.
I hope you get the dog is looks so confused.

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

I think you did a great job with those jars as well. No one would know they were from Walmart.
Beautiful Dog - I'm sure you'll make the right decision in the end.

lace & arsenic said...

..LOVE the jars!! ...awesome! i have seen them at walmart, and loved them even b4 u made them super cute!...OK, on the dog..sigh..what a face!! RRR said above, im sure u will make the right decision!....(but, what a face..oh, did i already say that? lol)

One Cheap B*tch said...

Great finds! What a cute pup but I have to agree with your hubby! My parents are retired and they are so tied down b/c they have two dogs. I wish they'd go out and do more but it's always "have to go home to take the dogs out."


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Oh what a sweet face! I do hope you decide to give her a forever home!
Pug hugs :)