Saturday, May 22, 2010


It is a beautiful day and there was a town wide yard sale in the next town. So I got up early and off I went. The first house I went to I met a family friend we haven't seen in some time. She was at her friend's house with beautiful gardens. So garden tour and talking later my yard sale morning is pretty much shot. I did get a couple of things there. The Martha stewards books.
and her friend gave me a Dahlia plant. I bought this vase. Picture is fuzzy but is hand blown and I believe some type of art glass .50. I plan on selling it once I look into it a little.
I went to a church sale and bought perennials for .50 each so I bought 4. I get home and I am thinking what the he-- why didn't I buy more? Do you ever do that??? Get home and say what was I thinking?

Last week went to a thrift store very quickly and I found this chair. It looks new and we all gave it the sniff test. I have it on the porch to vacuum and clean but no dirt. I can tell you this If some one got one of my chairs and cleaned it they would find dirt.
It's very comfy and will go in my living room. my new rug hooking chair. I also found this bracelet. I think the beads are glass. It is so cute and I have had so many compliments on it.

The other books (one is Matthew mead)I got at a library sale. I was on my way to my favorite antique store it was a sneak peek opening they are only open in the summer. stopped to buy a sandwich and noticed my credit card is missing. The second card I have lost in a month. The first card was a debit card. So now I am upset and go home to cancel the card. After I get the card cancelled I am taking out my finds and guess what I found? Yep the lost card. I have had the worst karma lately, I sure hope it passes soon. I think my husband thinks I have completely lost my mind.


Thrifty Chic said...

I absolutely love the chair! and no you haven't lost your mind you just have alot on it lately :) Love you!

lace & arsenic said...

..u always make me smile!..a friendly chat, a new a yard sale anyday (well..maybe im lying there. lol)..and HELL YEAH! every time i get home, i think of something i could have used that i LEFT at the yard sale! lol..OR, as u did..why didnt i get more! i find? in 'yard sale' realm, or thrifting realm, .50 cents seems like alot, AT THAT MOMENT! (until u go to a nursery!! loL)...ur brain is on vacation, i think mine is gone too..maybe our brains are sitting in a lounger somewhere, with a cool breezes and warm sun? lol...ok, god, i have to start my own blog, im such a blabber! x0x0x00x