Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020's Last Post

I will not be sorry to see this year gone. Someone posted that at midnight on New Year's Eve open your door and let the old year out. 
Oh I will be doing that if I am still awake!

This Christmas was ok we didn't see our family and we miss them like crazy, and a few tears were shed, but.... It will all be ok in the end at least that is what I am telling myself to keep going.
Our 17 inches of snow we got a week ago...

Is gone! It was in the 50's and pouring rain all day Christmas! What a mess! That snow is white gold for this state. Skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing etc. People drive hours to play in our snow. Gone! and now the forecast is for the same weather New Year's Day. This year just keeps going.

I say if it is winter we should have snow! 
I you are not a beef eater you should look away...

I cooked my first prime rib Christmas day and it came out pretty dang good if I do say so myself.  We eat a lot of chicken and fish though out the year so this was a big treat.

I also finished my second Santa. I have a couple of tweaks (one eye is bigger than the other) but then I will bind it. I have another rug all set to get started on. It keeps my sanity to hook that is why I hook so much.

I will keep my Christmas decorations up until after the new year.
I put some paper whites in this hanging vase, they have not bloomed yet but they are growing a lot! 

Husband does puzzles to keep his sanity so we are a pair!
This he finished just in time for Christmas.                                               So I will end here.
I wish you good healthy and lots of laughter in the new year. I really have missed the laughter, real side splitting, until you cry laughter.
Happy New Year!


Julia said...

Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year for you. I can't say that I was greatly inconvenienced by Covid-19 since I'm a homebody. Although I'll admit, it has been a bit inconvenient to have to wear a mask everywhere I went, but since I don't shop much and I'm not a traveler and prefer to stay home anyway but I did missed the family visits.

We had a quiet Christmas too, but an enjoyable one. We talked to the kids on the phone. We had a rainy day on Christmas, so no snow. Then a thin coat of snow on Boxing Day and rain and it all disappeared. It felt like summer. We opped for no gifts this year again but the puzzle was a gift along with a donation to purchase a family Christmas dinner for a needy family for our daughter.

We also did a puzzle which has been a long tradition to wind down every Christmas. It's all finished already.

Take care, Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

You have been a hooking machine woman!!! Another beautiful finish and in record time. Glad I didn't get that much snow here but for sure received that much in rain and another amount of rain heading this way AGAIN soon.
Actually the looks of a medium rare piece of prime rib would be most enjoyable with a baked potato with sour cream and chives plus broccoli. But when my metabolism and cholesterol levels changed I had to change my diet. But boy does that look wonderful and hope you enjoyed every tender mouthful.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your snow left quickly! I'm sure the lack of snow will really hurt businesses...on top of hurting from closures due to Covid. Sometimes they just can't win, sad to say.
DSO and I had prime rib on Christmas eve and we are invited to my son's on Tuesday...for prime rib (of course his girlfriend's idea not!). No complaints from me.
I can't believe you finished Santa #2. It's what helps keep me sane, but I am in no way as productive as you.
Beautiful puzzle by hubby. Do you ever frame them?
Happy, happy New Year, dear friend. Here's to a MUCH better 2021!

Prims By The Water said...

YUMMY prime rib. We had Delmonico steaks. Will have to open the back door do Tundra dont get out of the yard...if I stay up too. LOL Janice

Hill Top Post said...

I will certainly be opening the door to let out the old year! I am so done with it, and have felt quite depressed about the whole business of Christmas this year. So, yesterday I took down the trees and packed away everything Christmas. I love your new Santa rug.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yes...2020 can't pack its bags soon enough to suit me. I am in complete awe of how quickly you hook. WOWSERS! And Santa is adorable!! How do you manage to display all of your hooked pieces? Or do you, like Saundra, rotate them? (And I think I remember you putting at least one on the floor LOL...ummm, I just can't bring myself to do that...perhaps if I were more prolific? Nah...I think not.) Oh, that prime rib looks's been a long, long, time since I have had prime rib. And you dined much finer than me. I had Ramen noodles. Sad but true. I can't believe you lost all that snow! We had a little snow Christmas Eve, and every day since....I think we're to get a more sizable amount mid-week....but it all adds up as nothing melts here this time of year. Unfortunately for businesses, no snowmobile trails are open yet....but the lakes are frozen and the fishermen are out in throngs.... Have a good new week! Robin

JustGail said...

Bummer on the snow going away so soon. Not only for businesses, but for people itching to get out and do something. I sort of like Santa with 2 different eyes. It looks like he's giving the stink eye, which this year totally deserves. Or maybe a warning to 2021 to mind its manners?

Deb said...

I love this post. Those Santas you made are great. We had a quiet Christmas too - just hubby, college student son and I. A few tears shed here as well, but it's all good in the end. Thanks for sharing your holiday and I will see you again soon.

yaya said...

As always I love your Santas! It's good to have something to keep one sane. I'm more apt to read than anything else. I made my first rib roast too! It looked very similar to yours. I cut my slices then put it back in for a bit for Jack. He doesn't like it rare..or even med rare. He swears it's still mooing! Ha! Yes, I'm happy to say bye bye to 2020. We've had a lot of stress and sadness this year but I will say we did have some miracles too. I will open my doors and also bang pots and pans to scare away any bad mojo for the next year! Happy New Year Cathy. I do hope it's much better. We got 8in of snow on Christmas eve but it's almost all gone now too with rain and a bit warmer temps. Crazy! Take care!

Jenn said...

If I'm awake I might try that. Love the photo of the moon.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Your paperwhite is a bit behind mine. I think it grew six inches in about 30 hours and the slim buds were suddenly full blooms! I will hope for snow for your state! Maybe January will turn out to be especially snowy.

Donna said...

Oh gosh my friend i do believe many tears were shed. I know they were here as well. Your blog warms my heart and love every bit of it.
Looking forward to seeing you in 21...hugs till then.

Buttercup said...

My, your roast looks delicious. I eat so little meat that I can't even remember the last time I did, but then I see something that will lure me away from fish without a second look. Wishes for a very happy and especially healthy 2021.