Sunday, January 3, 2021


I stayed up until midnight to make sure that 2020 was on its way.
I opened the door to let the old year out.... 

And the beautiful moon was shining brightly right in front of me.
I am taking that as a good omen...

I had to clean out my craft/spare bedroom as we are doing it over to suit my needs and I found some pictures. This is when my daughter graduated from college. Can you tell I am so proud of her!!!! It was nice to think back on those wonderful days and hope for more to come. 

I started a new rug. It is a very old pattern called Dancing Rabbits.
This will go to my Sweet B for Easter so I am hooking it to her likes.
Purple is her favorite and this is what I dyed a few weeks ago. I still have some tweaking to do before I am happy but it is one sweet rug.

All our Christmas decorations are down, I needed to get on with this year. Plus the house is a mess from cleaning out that one room to do it over. New year's day was nice so we put away all the outside Christmas decorations except the window candles I like seeing them though out this dark time of year. I also filled my car with donations and headed for the thrift store to drop off. It felt good to get that stuff out of the house and there will be a lot more going, I need to pare down things here. 
I hope this New Year brings all that you desire but most most of all I hope it brings you laughter. I haven't heard a full laugh since all this started. I have seen a smile or a snicker but I want to see full out laughter, hard to get your breath back,laughter. 
I wish you pure JOY.


Saundra said...

Oh how I wish I could have stayed awake long enough to let the bad air out and the new air in. Praying that beautiful full moon is a good omen. Oh my but Miss B will be over that moon this Easter. That is an antique adaptation I've also had on my list but then I think...'why, there's no little ones here'. I like for me but it usually ends up back at the bottom of the list. Good for you to have a perfect reason for a perfect granddaughter!!!! You have hooked your butt off this year woman!!!!

Julia said...

My tree is still up and I'm in no rush to take it down. So many memories are hanging on it. I'll take it down sometime this week.

What a great photo of a happy mom and daughter. There is something special about old photos. I bet it brought a big smile on your face.

I saw that big beautiful moon. It was spectacular.

I hope that 2021 finds us strong, brave, and determined to not be afraid and to not worry so much. It seems strange to me that no one seems to be getting the flu but so many are getting Covid-19 instead. It makes me wonder because it's flu season and ordinarily every year so many people get the flu. Are all the confirmed cases really Covid-19? Especially the mild cases?

Have fun with the room decluttering and changeover.

Hugs, Julia

yaya said...

Happy New Year my dear blog buddy! I wish you and all your family much laughter, health, and some wonderful memories in this year.

Prims By The Water said...

Sweet B will love her new rug! Purple is my granddaughters favorite color too. Happy New Year! Janice

Olde Dame Holly said...

Thank you for the beautiful wishes for 2021. My indoor Christmas decor is down, too, but I have the outside lights still up and on at night until Twelfth Night. I love that Dancing Bunnies design! So joyful.

Nellie said...

Wishing you pure joy as well!

WoolenSails said...

I am always up till late but was in bed playing games, lol.
I need to clean out my room, a disaster with Christmas and mask making. Hoping I can reconfigure it to have more space to move around and get quilts ready. That is a fun pattern, I did it with yarns when I won her kit, Miss B will love it.


Unknown said...

If you aren't laughing that side splitting laughter then you're not trying hard enough. My husband and I laugh all the time. We're always cracking ourselves up. Don't let this pandemic or this current evil president steal your joy. Life is too short.

Farm Girl said...

Happy New Year!! It all looks wonderful. I do hope we have a nice year too.

Hill Top Post said...

It was a great idea to open the door to let out the old year! Hopefully your wishes for the new year will go sweeping across the land! Dancing Rabbits will definitely be one of my favorites. I am also quite fond of purple.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh, I love that photo of you and your daughter! The looks on both your faces say it all. And Miss B is going to love that rug! I have always loved the dancing rabbits. My SIL has a version in metal and I keep threatening to steal it on the rare occasion we go to visit. We had an odd fog on New Year's eve, so I didn't see much of the glorious moon....although the following evening I was able to see it, albeit it was still shrouded in the odd fog/mist. (It's the photo I used in my last post.) When we remolded, I claimed a room in our basement as my "romper" room....but when things flooded, we had to redo flooring, etc. down there and the room was filled with my holiday decorations, some of the storage boxes, my books, etc. I have cleaned out some here and there, but then got distracted. I do need to get back to it if I am ever going to have "my space." By the time that happens though, I will likely not be able to manage the stairs anymore LOL. I wish you laughter as well in the new year....and lots of it. ~Robin~

moosecraft said...

Wasn't that a gorgeous moon? There is something so peaceful about a full moon... so yes, let's hope it will be an omen for the entire year! :-) Pictures of happy times are so comforting. So is a little decluttering and's the perfect time to get ready for the New Year! Looking forward to seeing more of your hooked rugs!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love that moon and the pic with your dear daughter says it all!
I am working on getting Christmas put away. No easy task when one goes overboard. I leave my candles in the windows year round and have many other battery lamps going at all times. Even with all that, my house seems so dark when all the trees are put away.
Miss B is going to LOVE her rug!!!
Happy New Year, my friend ;-)

Kay G. said...

Hello! Wishing you a happy year. ❤

Buttercup said...

Thanks. Praying for joy and peace in 2021. Decluttering is one of my big projects this year, too. Take care!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Love the quote from L. M. Montgomery!!
The picture of you and your daughter is priceless!!
LOVE the rabbit rug and so will Sweet B!! My granddaughter Sophia has always loved purple, too!
I wish you LOTS of laughter this year!! Laughter IS the best medicine!!
Take care and enjoy your weekend!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

L said...

I love when you wrote about letting the old year out the door, that’s priceless., perfect!