Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas Around The House

This is a better picture of our sweet house all decorated for the holidays. The bright window on the left has the tree in it.

We have been walking at night but on Sat we get to go before complete darkness, this is on the way back to our house.

This is a corner of our kitchen counter. When I get up in the morning and everything is dark I am greeted with these sweet trees. The pine cone tree is from a friend, one of the ceramic trees I got from the recycling center aka the dump, and one from the Thrift store.

Years ago I was given this real feather tree top as the bottom was missing. I put it in an urn and good to decorated. (Also in the kitchen)

Blurry pictures but they are all small feather tree ornaments.

Really my favorite ornaments so sweet and delicate.

Why that bird is still in one piece I have no idea as it is so fragile.

This tree is made from a tobacco stick. I wish I had bought several more but now the store is out of business sigh... ,I guess I didn't need them.

It is filled with my little elves. I love their sweet little faces.

And they are doing all sorts of things.

Since we changed our rooms around and have our much too large TV over the fireplace now I can not decorate it like I use to but I have tucked some things in on the side just to make me feel better about it.

This little piece is hand carved, the reason for the season.

And this is my large feather tree, a real feather tree but a reproduction, I love it anyway. We are keeping things smaller this year not all my things are out so I decided to decorated this in just silver.

I found 3 boxes of these lights tucked in a box of stuff. Perfect for this tree!

Such sweet pieces and I love looking at it every night.

From the bottom to the top it is silver.

This cupboard is filled with snowbabies that were hand made by a woman who I met when I was in garden club. She was from England and did the most amazing work,they are some of my favorites. Because she made so many and donated to fund raisers I was finding them in thrift stores after she passed and was so happy to scoop them up. People have no appreciation of the work she put into each one, their faces are amazing.


Well that is the quick tour. I am in my messy hooking spot and husband has just made me a cup of sleepy tea in one of our Christmas cups. I will post again Sunday and show the progress of my Santa it has been slowing going. 
I hope you are all healthy and enjoying the season.


Deb J. in Utah said...

I love your trees and Christmas decorations. Your house looks so good, dressed up for the season. Have a good weekend.

Julia said...

You say that you didn't decorate as much this year but it looks you did a lot of decorating. It all looks very Christmassy. You have a lot of antique ornaments.

I'm having the tree brought in from the garage tomorrow hopefully and will start to decorate it. I used to decorate the tree in the yard and around the front of the house with lights but this year, I'm just too lazy and don't want to climb ladders on the advice of our mutual friend, Yaya, lol...
I can't believe that it's Dec 11 already. It's crazy how fast time goes.
Stay safe and well.
HUgs, Julia

Hill Top Post said...

How beautiful your home looks! I so love that you are out walking at night. Aren't the stars just wonderful at this time of year? And, you have so many happy little trees and figures scattered all about! How wonderful!

Prims By The Water said...

Such a festive and inviting Christmas at your home. I so love the candle lights and all of your ornaments! Janice

yaya said...

So many folks have gone simpler this year with decorating but that doesn't mean not as beautiful! I love your antique ornaments and I've noticed that by decorating a little less I notice the ones up more and take time to really focus on the season, the nativities, and the lights. Your house pic could be a Christmas card! Love it! Have a great weekend!

WoolenSails said...

Love all your decorations and where you found your ceramic trees. My grandmother made one but not sure who got that. I finally found one I liked at an antique thrift and for a good price. Seeing. your tiny tree in the spool gave me an idea, I was thinking of doing a base for an idea I have, but that may be more fun since I have some large ones I got.


Olde Dame Holly said...

I very much enjoyed your tour. It gave me such a sweet and cozy feeling to see your house so bright in the dark and to see old items so cherished and loved. They have a special beauty, as if the years have gilded them and graced them with a special glow. We had many of those elves/gnomes, too, at one point, that I inherited, but 18 years ago the labrador we had at the time, an otherwise perfect pet, got it in her funny head to chew them all up into bits! So I enjoyed seeing yours immensely!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thank you for sharing ;-)

TheCrankyCrow said...

That photo of the outside of your home is just so beautiful!! And I love all your incredible decorations. I didn't realize your feather tree was all in silver... Now I am in serious love LOL. Your snowbabies look similar to the ones I tried to collect for my son growing up. The plan was to buy one ornament (or more) each year for him and then gift them to him when he moved out. But, there there too many years that we could not afford even one. I tried to "catch up" but really never did...and then could no longer find them. They couldn't possibly be the same, could they?? ~Robin~

Jan Hebert said...

I love your "messy hooking spot", looks so inviting with that cup of tea. And your feather trees! I would love to find one I can afford. Those snow babies are precious, what fun to collect. Jan in MA