Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Rug With A Story

I have made wooly trees but never a wreath. I am in love and I don't care who knows it. (can you tell we just watched Elf lol) So easy and I dried the oranges with cloves in the oven perfect.

We are trying to find things that are safe for us to do. We headed for the speedway and drove through the gift of lights just lovely!

I have decorated outside as much as I am going to this is on our porch so not much weather gets to it.

The side lights, I had these little snowshoes and needed to show them off this year again. (I am not sure to whom as it is just us and these can not be seen from the road)

I gathered a bunch of greens and stuck them in an old cooler with kids garden tools and a bird house done!
And I gathered greens to make roping to go around our lamp post.
Reminded me of when I worked for a florist. 

Now for the rug. I saw this pattern, very long story short it was by an artist that wooly fox used but the copyright ran out. I could not get it.
I found out the same pattern was a cross stitch pattern that was owned by leisure arts I had nothing to lose so I emailed them asking for permission to use that pattern for rug hooking.I would make it bigger and it would be a one time use for me. They emailed back yes I could and thank you for asking. I have printed out the email as I do not want to infringe on any copyright issues and would never copy a rug without express permission. Soooo anyway I have changed it to my liking. It is a giant work in progress as you can tell from his basket (both are NO)
This is just a sample of what I have pulled out of this pattern! 
I just could not make myself happy. and I am not a big outline person so I am changing that also in spots. Phew! more to come.

But my best find was my trip to the The woolen Pear/ Red Horse Rugs . This wool makes the perfect snow! It is much lighter than this picture and it gives it the right variation and not a pure white look. I have no idea what the wool is called but if you contact her tell her Cathy sent you (I need the brownie points lol) I just had her set another yard aside for me. 
Well I have lots more to say but I will save it for next time I hope to post again this week I need to fit it all in. 
Have a wonderful week and stay healthy!


Julia said...

Wow Cathy, you sure keep busy. Your wreath is so cute and your new Santa rug is lovely. It's very decent of you to ask permission and I'm glad that they gave it to you.
Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Olde Dame Holly said...

LOVE that wooly wreath you created. The candle in the middle is the perfect touch. I enjoyed the outdoor decorations, too. I've never seen a snowshoe (for some reason I miscall them as"Showsnooze") in real life! How neat! I hope you'll show off that customized rug when it's done! And by the way, I had to giggle at your sappy fingers in the garland photo. I love the smell of sap, if not the stickiness!

Prims By The Water said...

So glad Leisure Arts let you hook a widerful Santa. Look forward to seeing it completed! Janice

Saundra said...

I hope you get the final perfect Santa you are looking for.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Schnikies!! You ripped out and rehooked more areas than are in most of my rugs all together LOL. I do like his coat colors...a lot! And am glad you found the pattern...or at least a way to get to it. That wool looks very similar to the wool I used for my whale....I saw it and snatched it up immediately. And the fun thing is you can totally change the look depending upon whether you work with the stripes or against them. Your decor looks sweet... I have dragged a few things out as I put Halloween away, but am just not finding any spirit left it seems. Once again there will be no tree. I love your snowshoes...they look like they are child size? If so, what a treasure! I have large ones, and don't believe I have ever seen small ones. ~Robin~

moosecraft said...

All of your decorations certainly cozy up the home wonderfully! I worked in a florist for awhile too... and enjoyed every bit of it except the "tattered and worn hands"...lol!
Love the wool wreaths! I have a small wreath kit I purchased from Searsport Rug Hooking.... hope to start it this weekend!
Looking forward to seeing more of your hooked Santa!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I have that wool but have not used it for snow. I will have to remember that.
Love the wooly wreath. One more thing to remember.
Those little snowshoes are TOO CUTE!!! So what if only you see them?
I look forward to seeing your progress on Santa. You do like those big rugs!!!

yaya said...

Your wreath and decor is great. You might not have anyone from the street see your talent with decorating but everyone in blog land has seen it! So it's a win! I hope you get your Santa up to your liking and I'll look forward to seeing the finished product. Time is flying by and soon it will be Christmas. No gathering for us this year but I will still try and enjoy this different celebrating year. Take care!

Judy said...

You are so very, very talented!!!

WoolenSails said...

Love your wreath too, and I do like the candle holder it is hanging from, I would love to get some of those.
I wish we had more drive through things here, would be fun with the boys.


Donna said...

Well my friend, I see that you're trying for "brownie points" here too! Lol. Not sure how I missed this blog post but everything about it is wonderful. What a talent you are.
Looking forward to seeing you soon. Hugs Donna

Jan Hebert said...

I wish I lived closer to Pam's shop, that wool is beautiful! I haven't hooked in a while but maybe 2021 will be the year to start again. Once the states open up again I'll be driving up to our camp on Winni more often. Instead of going up Route 16 I'll try 93 and stop there - hope there's some left, lol! I started a wreath like your little wool one a few years ago, I think I first saw one finished at Camp Wool. I've got to finish that! Yours looks so sweet hanging on the candle with the orange slices. We had that same storm in MA the week before Christmas, got about 15" but where our camp is had 36! Yikes. It was a crazy storm, all gone now. Sounds like a rainy week ahead - my chickens prefer the rain but I like the snow. Happy New Year, Jan in MA