Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sweet B...

Because we are trying very hard to all stay healthy we met Sweet B
and family around the fire pit outside on a cold foggy day. We had hot chocolate with all the fixings. It was so nice to see them. We will not see them again until after Christmas which is so sad. How I miss them.

I made a wooly wreath last week and this week, I made a sweet little feather tree. 

And this is the finished product so sweet and husband was a big help drilling the holes and making the stand. All from stuff we had. 

And this is the Santa that I have been working on. No the black around his mustache is not staying. I have pulled out so much while working on this rug but I am happier with the results now.

My sweet friend sent me this Christmas gift. What a joy it is to get such carefully handmade things in the mail. I have it hanging by the fireplace so I can see it all the time.

On my walk today there were lots of turkeys in the field. I wonder if that foretells anything?
Christmas is quickly coming around, while it will be just husband and I this year we will try to make the best of it just like lots of you.
When that vaccine comes around I will be first in line I want my life back..! I didn't think I did that much but I really miss what I did do.
I hope you are all healthy and happy
Have a great week.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Lovin' your Santa rug. For such a big rug...and all the reverse are making great progress.
Sweet B...she is getting so grown up.
The picture of the turkeys looks like an impressionist painting.
Unlike you, I will not jump in line to get the vaccine, but with your hubby's health issues, I understand your position. Just stay healthy until you can get it!!!

Hill Top Post said...

It seems to me that most art work must go through what I call, "Guess, test, and revise." I certainly do a lot of revising in everything I do. Your Santa rug is looking so good! And, I love the new little feather tree!

yaya said...

I'm glad you had some time with family, especially Sweet B! What a good idea to meet outdoors, even foggy outdoors. I heard there's a snowstorm heading your way. Stay safe and warm! We, like you, will be spending Christmas with just us. All the gifts are bought, just need to wrap them and then get them delivered. It will be a quiet day but I know next year we will be able to meet together. My niece in Chicago who's a nurse gets her first vaccine on Tuesday. The start of the end I hope. Probably not until Spring, but I'll take it. If I go back to work in January I hope to be in line for the vaccine too. Time will tell. Have a good week!

Julia said...

Sweet Miss B. is turning out to be a beauty and is growing so fast, it's incredible. I'm glad that you had some time with her even though you won't see her for Christmas, at least you got to see her in person.

Wow!. You've done a lot on your Santa rug. It's looking great. If you are getting a snowstorm, I'm sure we will get it too. I've got my winter tires on so I'm ready.

On the 21st, it the shortest day-light of the year then after that, the day-light will start to grow longer. Yay!!!
Like Lauren, in no hurry to get in line for a vaccine since I'm not working in public.

Take care and stay safe and well.

Saundra said...

Cannot believe how much you have accomplished on your Santa, particularly since you've reverse hooked which makes your work even more impressive.

Sweet B is becoming quite a young lady~ no baby any more. I told my son I'd be visiting them for Christmas but not for a meal. Also said we could exchange gifts outside on their front porch. He suggested we go to his detached 'man cave' and he would start his wood stove but I'm not so sure I want to do that either as he has friends over to play pool, watch football, etc. and want to be where air is flowing.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Awwww....Sweet B is so precious. It may not be the Christmas you or she would wish for, but it certainly will be one etched in her memory book I am sure. Love your sweet little feather tree....and your Santa rug is fantastic. I can't believe how much you've accomplished....You basically have hooked (and reverse hooked) more than I have hooked all year LOL. We had a light dusting of snow here last night and it is turning bitterly cold (-9)...The lake is mostly all frozen. Happy Monday Cathy! ~Robin~

Prims By The Water said...

So glad you were able to see Sweet B. I will not be seeing my grands this year for Christmas as we cancelled it with our family. Cute tree you created and nice job on your latest rug. Janice

Jennifer Gail said...

I want to have hot chocolate with you and your Sweet B.

moosecraft said...

I think we're all becoming more creative as we figure ways to safely live our lives. Hot chocolate around a fire pit sounds like a good time to me! :-) Lovely feather tree! I like the dowel style very much. There is a tutorial (somewhere) that shows how to make popcorn and cranberry garland from wool. I think that might be next weekends fun time! lol!

Buttercup said...

We've already had the first in line for the vaccine in NYC and a well deserving intensive care nurse in Queens. I've gotten several messages from the medical center my doctor is affiliated with that are "Don't call us, we'll call you." I was glad to know that there is a plan in place and that they will be in touch. I will be there! Love all of your creations, especially the Christmas tree. Take care!

Judy said...

I haven't even minded not having a family get together at Thanksgiving and not having one at Christmas--which makes me kind of sad because I miss those kids/grandkids/ and great grands so much, BUT it is all in the name of hopefully next year...of even this summer, we can all be together and hug------so many hugs!!!!

Olde Dame Holly said...

I hear you about the vaccine. I want my husband, who's 85 to get it soon -- as soon as they allow! I wonder what the turkeys in the field mean. Maybe there's some lore about that many gathering right before it turns into winter. And I LOVE that wooly primitive tree!