Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This crow rug I hooked several years ago. I love the colors and leave it out year round in a spare bedroom.
 But this is the truly scary thing. I bought this cast iron corn pan at a yard sale this fall. It was new and not seasoned. I seasoned it like my other pans and then tried it out. Well you can see what happened. So does anyone have any ideas?
 And a first at Acorn Hollow, I went to a yard sale in a mini snow storm. But it was a good sale and I know the girl who was holding it. She had a lot of old rugs priced very reasonable. But I took pity on this little rug it has damage around the binding. 2.00

And I couldn't leave this print behind for 1.00.

Last but not least we purchased this outside lamp for the top of our driveway. It is very dark on our road and I have always wanted a light there to welcome guests. A honey do item for next spring.                                         
The girl having the yard sale owns a motel and cabins on Squam lake, she has thrown out an idea. She would like to offer craft retreats at her hotel and cabins in the winter and is asking me to teach beginning rug hooking. Now I am not sure if I could really do that. I have taught beginning rug hooking classes at a park and rec. class that ran for 6 weeks. It was fun and I had plenty of students to make it worth while. I don't know why my first thought was very over whelmed? But I will give it some thought.
I hope you all have a fun and scary halloween. Boo


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I'm wondering if it got too hot. Looks like your batter boiled!
I use mine to make pantry cakes---you know, brown sugar and cinnamon with just a sprinkle of water.
Love that lamp!
Awesome about the classes! Sounds to me like you could handle it and well!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Your crow rug is absolutely wonderful. What fun it would be to attend rug classes with you, but alas, it's a bit much of a commute :) I hope it can work out for you.
Hugs and Happy Halloween :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a lovely hooked rug. I would say you found some wonderful yard sale items and the price was right. I especially like the old lantern. Good luck with the rug hooking classes, I am sure you will make the right decision, but I say go for it!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I bought the same pans at Homegoods and had the same problem. Cast iron pans are easy to season and even to keep clean, but my corns were a huge waste of money. As a matter of fact the little dents that are suppose to be the kernels sort of rusted. Great buys as usual, love the light.

moosecraft said...

Some more great finds! I think that Linda has the answer to your corn bread pan... maybe drop the oven temp about 20-25 degrees and see what happens next time...

mangocheeks said...

I was sent over one of those cast iron pans from the USA, I live in the U.K. I heavily greased the pans with sunflower oil. Seem to have worked out okay.

Love your finds, in fact I am a little envious.

Rose H (UK) said...

What a fantastic rug! Love your other finds too. Looks like that corn pan needs another seasoning - frustrating isn't it?
Have a great week!
Rose H

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Wondering if you sprayed the corn pan? Love the rug you hooked, beautiful job and the lantern is just beautiful, can you repair the other rug? Have a good day!


Hi. That is great that you can teach rug hooking.
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
~ Julie

vintagesue said...

i can't even believe you found that sweet rug for $2!!!! a little damage wouldn't stop me one bit from buying that lil treasure. very sweet.
your corn muffins look like something i would make. i don't think i've ever seasoned a pan. sorry.
good luck.
take it easy.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your rug is just beautiful. I would not dare put it away either. Darn that pan did not do well at all I one do something close to this and I let put oil in it and forgot about it for a while and now it works great.
How far is this class you will be teaching from my part of Texas. hahaha..I would love love to take it. If I leave now I might make the first class. Seriously if this ole grandma could figure out how to do it she would.
Love ya

lace & arsenic said...

...i use "I LOVE IT" way too much on ur posts! lol..but, the rug? the found rug?! and the pictures!...awesome!! (well, and the lantern. i hope i have a matcher soon!)..x0x0x0

wandalee said...

Hello! Just found you and will be back again ..
I also live in NH, spend my summers at Winnipesaukee and rest of time on NH/MA border. Love your rugs, wish I had the patience to make them but often will pick one up if price is right :)

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I love your rugs. If I lived near you I would love to have a weekend retreat devoted to learning a new craft. Her idea sounds fun to me!