Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Last peek

This is the last time I will show this rug until it is finished. I have hooked a lot but it doesn't seem to show here. As you can see the mustard is showing up a bit more. For all of you new people this rug is 54 in square. So a lot of hooking doesn't show up like a small rug.                                                                    
 Now who ever said money doesn't grow on trees was right, it grows on a plant . I was walking in my neighborhood,  I met up with the lady next door. This is called  a money plant, she was so wonderful to let me pick a few pieces it dries so nicely. then she gave me a tour of her new garage. The up stairs has wonderful windows and the most amazing light coming in. I told her to use it for her quilting and she said that it was built for her husband. I would be too tempted to move in when he wasn't looking.
 My sweetie friend at work (Lisa) brought in this cute acorn dish for me. It was an ash tray but after I get it cleaned up it will hold holiday candy. It is very different, the top is rough and unglazed.
 I had to show you my dish made with left overs. It is bow tie pasta with chicken, broccoli, white sauce with a can of cream of chicken, and some gruyere cheese. and sprinkled on the top? my disaster of corn bread.ymmmmmmmmmmm.
Thank you to everyone who visited and left comments. I love them and keep them coming.


Kim said...

The rug is looking great, but that dish you made from leftovers looks delicious! Even more so because I'm starving and had a donut for supper! I might try something like that tomorrow night.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Oh, your rug is looking absolutely WONDERFUL! You have gotten so much done. You'd better work quickly if you are not going to show it again until completed. You forgot to tell (for those new readers) how HUGE this rug really is.
If there were any seeds left on the money plant - beware. You will have plants sprouting in every crack imaginable. It's a biennial so you won't get any "money" next year. More than you wanted to know, right?
Pug hugs :)

Sharlene Washington said...

I'd love to see a closeup of the corner you are working the mustard in. It is difficult to see the texture from so far away. It is looking marvelous!