Monday, October 11, 2010


I have a friend that has a lot of bittersweet. I love bittersweet but do not want it growing on my property, It's very invasive. She cut some for me to decorate with. I wrapped it around the light (my 5.00 yard sale find) when it pops open it is so pretty. Yes I know that's Santa on the right but I love him so much I leave him out all year, he is painted on a piece of found bark. Along with the elf on the other side. the sign above reads" It's my cats world I just open the cans", pretty true for this house.

And this is the cat. Sadie adopted us, long story short she jumped in my husband's truck while he was visiting a friend. She was a tiny kitten we called every where trying to find her owner then the vet said" forget it they dump cats and kittens all the time on that road. I think she is yours now." She is 16 now and the queen of the house. And I hope she is living better than the person who dumped her. I can't imagine doing that.
  I took some pictures of the house and yard. I promise it is the last of the fall pictures! My gate to the garden. See my swing that we put up this year?

The view from the top of our driveway. We live in an upscale neighborhood and us? We are the clampets ,except we don't have a c-ment pond. But my husband has some of those fancy pot passers though.ha Ok if you're not old enough to have watched the Beverly hillbillys than that means nothing to you young-un.                                                                
 There are 10 houses on this dead end road, we all have 4 acres or more so it is quiet and peaceful. My husband built this house 22 years ago. One of the reasons we could afford to live here.
When my daughter started teaching(like her dad) she was in a district that wasn't as fortunate as the one she grew up in. The first thing she said was "I didn't know I grew up in pleasantville." It is nice to know that she appreciates the hard work of her family. So I can stay in pleasantville I need to go to work tomorrow, so off to take a shower. The long weekend was wonderful even though today was spent cleaning the basement so we can bring in the wood, then I can cook my vittles, kidding! so we can fend off the oil man. I love the comments and I can not believe I have new followers! Keep the comments coming it gets boring in pleasantville.


Kim said...

Love the Beverly Hillbillies references. Lol Pleasantville looks like a wonderful spot to spend your days. (even without a cement pond)

Rugs and Pugs said...

So does that make you Ellie Mae?
Keep the fall pictures coming. I enjoy seeing them! I love the bittersweet on your $5 chandelier.
Sadie was lucky to have jumped in the hubby's truck! She got the life she deserved.
Pug hugs :)

Lisa said...

I love the yard sale light. I just got one a couple of weeks ago. My husband painted it for me, which I was very thankful for. He went up in the attic to find out what we can hang it from. My husband always has to hang everything on a stud. Me I hang up everything with a tiny nail, I never have a problem. lol. Anyway my light is going to hang up in the staircase going down to the basement/sewing, laundry and computer area. I think it will be a nice addition. I enjoy the pictures keep them coming. Have a great week & Y'all come back now, ya hear?

acorn hollow said...

I wish I was ellie mae, I'm granny on a good day.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Haha! Soon you really will be a granny!

moosecraft said...

Love the fall pics! Keep them coming! Beautiful home you have there... and 4 acres is a true delight! Absolutely LOVE the Santa and Elf... I can see why they are out to be appreciated all year!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Cathy,
You really caught my attention! Your the first person who has ever come by and said their hubby also teaches building construction!
Love your pics and the pic of your beautiful home!
My son is a teacher too so it sounds like we have a lot in common.
I always loved the hillbillies! One of my favorite all time shows!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun! I mentioned your blog in a post today. :)

lace & arsenic said...

....ah! such sweet pictures! looks so gentle and nice, and quiet..and picturesque! (i cant spell. lol) good going ellie mae!!!(ur never grannie!!), jethro. lol..

Joy Tilton said...

Well, I got all the Beverly Hillbillies jokes since I'm 58 and remember it well! We live in a very similar neighborhood on a lake and love it. Even have the "roller skate" acorns everywhere! Love your blog and can't wait to go back reading posts I've missed!