Monday, October 4, 2010


I am still the worst fudge maker in the world, but I did manage to get this pumpkin fudge together. It is really yummy and I am not sure what I did wrong and I know I did. But when I added the white chocolate it got hard really, really fast. But! still yummy. So go here go to her Oct 1 post. (I tried to cut and paste but I am the worlds worst tech. person.) and see her wonderful blog and get the ingredients to make your own fudge. Let me know how it came out. I also made fried green tomatoes this past weekend. I didn't have corn meal so I used a box of jiffy corn muffin mix. they came out pretty good. I am not a southern girl and I am not sure what they are suppose to taste like but these were pretty good.

I still didn't get any ideas on what to do with my letter cards. Got any ideas??? Rain coming so I will tuck in and hook in my spare time this week. Have a great week! I love comments!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I will add you to my blog list. I'm so glad you tried the fudge but disappointed it didn't come out as you had expected. The only thing I can think of is maybe the white chocolate you used had stabilizers in it. Your blog is lovely and I'm looking forward to many visits. Thanks for putting my blog on your post it is greatly appreciated .

Kathleen said...

The fudge looks delicious! And I have never had a fried green tomato either! So I would probably not be the best to judge. Yes, you need one of the Southern bloggers to do that! :)

moosecraft said...

I've never been brave enough to try fried green tomatoes... but have thought about it since the movie with same name came out (which I haven't watched yet, LOL!) Fudge looks great too! LOVE the rug your working on as pictured in your Sept 29 post!!!! Hopefully you will have some more progress pics soon? :-)

lace & arsenic said...

...both were AWESOME! i got to sample some of kathy's fudge, and i tried the jiffy mix for my own tomatoes! awesome!...(altho, her picture looks much better than mine came out! lol)...i love the crows in the background of the fudge plate!!