Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decorating for Halloween

This past weekend I got a chance to put out a few of my Halloween things. Not sure why I bother, we have no trick or treaters come. I did pass on a couple of things to my daughter for her decorations. But kept these, I really love them they are very funny and primitive. I just tucked them in with my pottery.
These are my free decorations . The pumpkin is from the dump, it is a gourd that sells in the 40.00 range and I was at a yard sale,the moon and cat were in the garbage. I asked if I could pick the garbage they said sure take what you want. I took 3 different cardboard cut outs,this one, a witch, and an owl.
While I was out Saturday I found this cute pin for 1.00 ,  I got one for myself and one for auntie.
 BOO! from my book case.             
 I had to show this picture I love it, my little family sleeping. My husband has no idea I took this and he doesn't read my blog so here he is with Sadie after a busy weekend. Big Awwww factor.(can you tell he's cold?:)
I loved all your comments and check way to often to see if I have a new one. I think obsessed is the word. No news on the cupboard so I guess it was a no. I have some fun plans in the making for the weekend so I have my fingers crossed that  it will all turn out. I hope you are all warm and cozy, it has been chilly here, I have had to scrape the windshield. yeck.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I love the pumpkin guys in the first picture and your freebies are way cool!
Great family portrait!
I hope the weekend plans work out.
Hugs :)

Lisa said...

Sorry they never called ya back. Do you think you should call them? Maybe they are procrastinators? It is a very cool cupboard. Will you paint it or leave it that color? I know how you feel about the comment thing. I think I might be suffering from the same addiction. I think it is a good sign that others are suffering from the same disease. I feel alittle more "normal" I use the phrase very loosly.( is that how you spell loosely/loosly?) hope you have a great night.

Cathy G. said...

Hi Cathy,
Wow, your Halloween Freebies are great! You need to find that sweetie of yours a big old down comforter at a sale! It has been chilly here too at night. Got a little warm in the house this afternoon so I opened the door a crack and the furnace turned on!! Won't be long now I suppose (sigh..)
Hope your weekend is fun!
Cathy g

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

HI there ~ I'm a new reader and have to laugh at your husband picture ~ I put one on my blog today of husband and cat ~ he doesn't read the blog either but I showed him ~ he thinks I'm making fun of him ~ me, no! They're funny, aren't they ~ husbands, that is!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Glad to have you on my list ~ I started reading after you commented to me ~ thanks for making yourself known!

Rose H (UK) said...

I really like your Halloween decorations - the free ones are great!
Strange, that even on this side of the pond my husband has been commenting (read moaning!) tonight about being cold.
I feel the same way about comments...I still find it incredible that anyone wants to read my ramblings!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Cathy, thank you for your lovely comments :o) I really appreciate them.
To answer your question about the game of Conkers in schools....'They' (the authorities) have deemed it unsafe without the use of safety glasses and gloves in case the conker shatters and damages anyones eyes, or the child gets a damaging wrap aross the knuckles.. I've played conkers MANY times, and yes you can get your knuckles knocked, it just makes you jump! I've NEVER heard of anyone having damage to their eyes though. Sad times indeed:o(

Dog Trot Farm said...

Wonderful Halloween touches-I am keeping my fingers crossed you get a phone call from the owner of the cupboard!

lace & arsenic said...

..oh poo..i got booted b4 i posted what i wrote!! so if u get this twice?!!!....i love the pic of dave! priceless, what does he think of it?! lol...and that cat/cresent moon?...i would leave that up yr round i love it!...what a pleasure to see a bit of ur world! so gracious and fun at the same time! awesome kathy!