Friday, October 1, 2010

Something to Crow About

Since it is getting close to Halloween I thought I would dig out my crows. This is an actual decoy crow. There was a hunting season on them at one time. Picture not the greatest but it is the size of a real crow. This crow was a gift from a friend. It is pretty small but cute with the wool ad on it.
This crow is a hooked mat I did some time ago.

And these crows are really what I am crowing about. I got this from my favorite thrift store.Do you see what I paid???

Yep a whole dollar! and then I turned over and saw this.

Now that is something to crow about!
To my new followers Thank you! Thank You! and to put me on your blog roll I am truly thankful. The blog world is full of wonderful people.
Have a great weekend. My anniversary is this weekend 35 years, now how could that be I am only 35 ha I wish.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Congrats on 35 years. That is quite a feat. I know I did not make it nearly that :) You just got married really, really, really young, right?
I love the decoy crow. Just perfectly aged!
So happy to see the followers are adding up. It is so exciting!
Pug hugs :)

Orange Sink said...

Congrats Cathy on your 35th anniversary! You have us beat and it seems like we've been married forever! LOL Your crows are all great! I love the crow rug! I love watching real crows.......they're so comical!
Cathy g

lace & arsenic said...

..HA! i didnt even kno, in ur latest post, when i put that i love crows...u had a post about it!!...hahaha..what a great deal! i love the old decoy! i would nab one in a second!! (i am even fond of the ugly ones w/feathers at the dollar store. lol)