Monday, June 27, 2022

Out With the Bad Energy...

In the interest of attracting good energy, I decided to decorate my front porch door.
Not much blooming right now in my gardens, but the leaves and the pinks look good, and they make me smile. 

There are hosta leaves, astilbe, beach roses and lavender. 

My lavender is just starting to bloom perfect time for some Lavender wands. I make them every year. They smell so wonderful.
This is from the Heirloom Gardener -John Forti 
Lavender wands ~ History brings us artfully layered garden crafts like weaving lavender wands. They encase the fragrant flowers in a green woven basket of their own stems, and create artful wands that could ornament closets and drawers to perfume clothes, lingerie and bedding. Science reinforces what our ancestors already understood; that lavender infused a calming perfume that also kept moths and bedbugs at bay.
To make your own lavender wand, gather the longest stems of fresh lavender. Secure them tightly just below the flower heads with fine ribbon and bend the stems back over the flowers like a cage. Use the same ribbon ends to weave back through in opposite directions (in order to leave flowers exposed in a checkerboard pattern): over and under, over and under, until the flowers are encased and you can use the remainder of the ribbon to fashion the handle of the wand.
It's a great craft to share with kids...and of course there is a little magic in every wand 😉
May be an image of flower


This is so tiny and such wonderful color. 

Roses we dug up in Maine at my mother's house not far from the ocean. They are everywhere near the ocean in Maine. They do well here and form a hedge for us.  

My favorite place in the summer and sadly the last of my roses. The pounding rain this morning took out the last of them. 

My hens and chicks in my rock gardens are happy. 

Today I saged the house. It is supposed to drive any bad energy out of the house and leave room for the good energy. 
Husband has been getting better every day. But we are still being very careful today is day 8. I have used more bleach, disinfect spray, soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer than I ever thought possible. 
The worst part is the isolation, anxiety of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Again, tense energy... I am hoping the sage helps Let's put it this way it can't hurt.

I have had a lot of time on my hands but for some reason no creative energy. I have hooked a little but really, I have wasted so much time on pintrest. Makes me mad just thinking about the lost time. 

I enjoyed the last book I read by this author, and I treated myself to a new book something I rarely do but my library didn't have it.
Sadly, it is nowhere near as good as the first book I read. But I will finish it. 

I am closing with a smile 
Have a wonderful week!!!


Saundra said...

Many moons ago I grew lavender in my yard and it eventually got too woody and died. But prior to that also made wands and lavender bags. Oh how comforting the scent is.
I've never saged a house but have heard of it. Perhaps I should read up on how to do that and where to get the fresh sage??
Praying for good health for you and hubby.

Hill Top Post said...

I enjoyed this post so much. I love your lavender wands, and the thought of driving out bad energy with sage. Since, I like the scent of it, it might actually be a good idea for me to give it a try. I can see why the porch is your favorite summertime place. And, wow, on those beautiful roses!

Deb said...

Here's wishing you much good energy. I love your latest hooked run. Wishing you health, happiness and a wonderful week!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Those little lavender wands are so sweet! I really need to try them sometime. My lavender has just started blooming. I routinely sage here....and thankfully, sage is something that thrives in my little herb garden. Those roses...those glorious roses of yours! I'm glad you rescued the last of them for a beautiful porch bouquet. Fingers still crossed for your husband to fully recover and that you come through unscathed. ~Robin~

Julia said...

I hope the good energy returns to your house very soon and that your husband is back to full health. These beautiful roses should do the trick to return good energy to your home. They are so pretty. Years ago I used to bring flower bouquets into my house but now, I rarely bring them in as I'm mostly outdoors and have gotten out of the habit.

I've never used sage other than for cooking.

Your lavender sticks are so cute. I must check my one and only lavender plant to see if it has bloomed yet. The last time I looked at it, it was all in buds.
I just came in for debugging one row of potatoes and need to go back and do the other row and hill them. Back-breaking work.

Take care,
Hugs, Julia

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Cathy, glad that your husband is recovering and hope all continues to go well. Lavender is my favorite scent and purple my favorite color too. I had never heard of using sage in that way.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Such a sweet basket of beauty on your porch door, and of course I absolutely LOVE that porch.
I still have the lavender wand you sent me a number of years ago. It has been decades since I made any...and I think my only lavender plant is either hidden in the jungle or kaput ;(
Happy to hear hubby is on the mend and I hope you remain healthy.

Prims By The Water said...

Love the lavender wands! Mine died over Winter with many other shrubs and not sure why. We actually have someone come in and sage our antique store every now and then to get rid of the bad energy too! Hope hubby gets better. Love your porch and the flowers on your door. Have always said a red door means WELCOME! Janice

Dicky Bird said...

I hope he feels better. I like the lavendar wands, thanks for sharing.

kathyinozarks said...

Beautiful post Cathy, I love lavender and always grow it and dry it but have never made a lavender wand-and they are so pretty.
If I am worried or stressed I usually can not concentrate on a craft either-I do the same play on the computer or read a book.
the sage is a good idea too prayers for your husband and you-hugs Kathy

Lady Locust said...

Awe~ Happy Love Kindness Joy ~ sending it all your direction 🌷

Jeanie said...

Let the good energy arrive! It's lovely in every way. And I adore those lavender wands!

Farm Girl said...

I hope everything is nice again at your house. Since I was last on, my son has been sick at home with us with the C. and my daughter and her family, all 7 children have been ill as well. My husband and I have stayed well though so that is a blessing.
Your house looks so happy and summery. I love your screen door.
Your rug is fantastic, and I know about the lack of being creative. I have felt 1000 years old this last week. Slogging though molasses. I had my wool out next to my cutter so I could hook and it felt like such a huge job, I couldn't make myself do it.
Everyone is on the mend now, but I am tired.
I hope you get to be with your family and I hope you have a lovely 4th of July. Your book looks nice and I love the title. I have been listening to Dorthy Gilman on Hoopla. From our library. They had books from her I had never read, and I felt like I found a treasure chest. I didn't know I could down load these from Hoopla to my phone so that has been really nice. Happy reading.

WoolenSails said...

I am sorry that your husband is dealing with covid and you with the anxiety of it all. I am seeing more people getting it lately, all had boosters. So far I have avoided it and hopefully will continue to do so. My sister is coming for a visit in a few weeks, so I let her know, we can get together outside but no hugs. Even today I had a mask on, only one in the store, but so far it has kept me healthy.
Sorry to hear about Miss B, I know you were looking forward to that. The kids have been sick all week, so we have to stay away for now. I hope your husband continues to improve and you can both get out again and enjoy some time with Miss B.