Sunday, January 23, 2022

So I Had This Idea...

To say we have been cold is an understatement. 
The fishing derby and pond hocky will have plenty of ice to play on.
One of the days we had wind chills -30 to -40 brr I never left the house!!

While not the beauty I usually see at sunrise it still is pretty.

Husband has been tucked away in his heated shop. It makes me smile to look out and see the lights on in his shop. He is keeping busy just trying to get through this winter and this stuff.
And because I have been on the computer way more than I should have I got 4 new patterns in the mail this week. YiKes! (More on those another time)

So like I said I had this idea. I have lots of Christmas patterns and thought to myself. You do not have much for valentine's day. Soooo

I did this! Kind of crazy but we hang wooden hearts in our windows and that made me think why not?? And do I have a style?? Do you see the moon? It was not in the original pattern just like my fox rug I just finished I had to add a moon. 

Miss B has been learning hand stitching in school (yeah for the art teacher!) And she loves it, so she made a pillow at home on her own. How I love her choice of fabric and how proud she is of her work. Oh, B how I love that face!
My friend and I got out for about 3.5-mile hike today. We got to the top and no view the trees had grown in ugg. But still so good to get out in the chilly air and move.  
We have not gotten to at least 32 since we started the cold snap. today I think it got to 20 degrees, but the sun was shining which made the difference.
Have a wonderful week and if you are in the north stay warm.


Deb said...

Sweet picture of Miss B. She is talented like grandma. That is so great that you got out for a nice hike, even if it was cold. I love the modifications you make to rug pattern. It's perfect for Valentines! Have a great week!

Saundra said...

You've lots of wonderful new patterns to work on and choosing will be difficult I'm sure. Yup COLD. I've gone thru propane really fast in these last few weeks and when I check the level tomorrow will probably need to order more. And OMG the COST!!!!!

Prims By The Water said...

Well we have had snow the last 3 days and more tomorrow. Roads were a bit dicey driving to the store this morning. What a fun idea to add wooden hearts on your house. Sweet B is looking so grown up. Gosh I remember her being a lil tyke. How fun she is learning to sew! Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

Miss B looks so proud of herself. Sweet!
Love how your Valentine rug turned out. You hooked that quickly!
Hopefully you will thaw a bit soon. The sun does make a world of difference!

yaya said...

We've been cold but it's an up and down cold...teens and twenties and then back to 30. That jump up feels like a warm day after the chilly, chilly temps. Then we got snow yesterday and more this afternoon is forecasted. Hello Winter! I love that house with the hearts in the window! So clever and cute! Valentine's day brings a small touch of color and fun in this cold, snowy season! Miss B has your creativity and how talented she is! What a cutie but she sure is growing up fast! Have a good week and stay warm!

Julia said...

How sweet that Miss B. is following in your footsteps in creativity and how so very fast she is growing before our eyes. She made a cute pillow and she is rightly proud of her accomplishment.

I'm glad that your husband can keep busy in his workshop during this long winter. perhaps you can share what he's working on.

Your valentine rug turned out lovely. I like the little hearts coming out of the chimney and landing on the tree. No pollution there, lol.

Take care, stay well and safe.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, talent and creativity clearly is in the genes in your family! Sweet pillow Miss B made...Wow...I am amazed they are not only teaching stitching, but HAND stitching in school. And fun how you changed it up. I have several small hooked mats I did for Valentine's Day, but no large (or even medium LOL) rugs. Hmmmm.... Stay warm...still cold here too. ~Robin~

Hill Top Post said...

I am glad to know that schools still teach sewing. I don't think it is taught at the schools my granddaughters attend, so I have been teaching them. It is great that the two of you have your hobbies for these long cold days. You are brave to walk so far when it is so cold.

Farm Girl said...

How fun!! All those new rug patterns. I really like the one you did with the hearts in the windows and I love the addition of the moon. I think it looks pretty with the sun coming up behind those trees. How nice Miss B is sewing in school. I remember the year we had a teacher who let us to that. It still makes me happy to think, even then I loved sewing.
I can't wait to see all of the fun rug patterns you bought. My husband is never happier than when he is working on a project like that. It makes me happy too. I am so glad you shared that, it looks so nice out there with the lights shining in the snow.
Have a wonderful day.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It looks like your granddaughter, Miss B, is certainly following in your creative footsteps, Cathy, and rightfully pleased with her pillow. it may come in handy this weekend if that anticipated snowstorm arrives. My husband keeps happy with his hobby of ham radio wince he had to give up his workshop when we moved from VA.

Olde Dame Holly said...

How wonderful to have a granddaughter, especially one like B. I love your rug! The moon is so cute, and I can't believe you just make the pattern up yourself!

Jenn said...

I love adding the hearts.

Haddock said...

I like the colour scheme, and the smile on the moon's face.