Sunday, January 9, 2022


I finally finished my Christmas Journey. It is a Lisa Fergurson rug, my sweet friend Pam Bartlett helped me with the sky.
She owns the Woolen Pear. 

Just before thanksgiving we bought new wheels. Well new to us. It was a deal you just could not refuse so we did it. 
and this week we also bought new phones.
Because we buy new phones when forced into it. (The 5G thing our phones would have been no good.) Lots has changed on phones since my last one so a learning curve. 

I made English muffins this week. they were easy and super good. I will be making these instead of buying them. 
how to Here

I have also been in a soup mode. This is creamy chicken and tortellini soup. Pretty dang good if I do say so myself. 
Our weather has changed we are going into a deep freeze. We have been mild, and we had a bit of a snowstorm this week. But today an ice storm!! If all we are going to get is ice storms, come on spring! I enjoy the snow, hate the ice.

Because it was dreary and icy this morning, I made scones for breakfast with fried ham. Made me feel better for a minute or two. 

The birdfeeder has been very busy today. This feeder is under an overhang on our house, so the birds just love it when it is storming. they get out of the storm for a few minutes. 
I started yoga (online) and I accomplished 7 days in a row. I will not say it was pretty, but I moved lol. I am going to try to keep up with it. some days you just don't feel like it, but it is only a 20-minute class.
Well, we are back to not doing much too much covid in the world for our old bodies (yes, we had the vaccines) 
And if it is going to be icy, I want to be home who needs to break a hip. yikes!!
I am back to working on the background of a rug I started in October. The fireplace is going, and I think there is a game on soon.
Take care my sweet friends.


Farm Girl said...

That is a beautiful rug. I love that. All of your food looks so yummy. I think with all of that cold and snow, I would be cooking and eating.
I like your new car too.

Julia said...

Your rug looks fantastic and congratulations on finishing it so fast. Your English muffins and scones look yummy. I've always wanted to try an English muffin recipe I have but somehow never did. Homemade is always better than store-bought.

Your creamy chowder looks yummy also, perfect for a dreary day like today.

I've stopped feeding the birds as we have so many very fat squirrels around and they even get into the expensive squirrel-proof feeders and chew the plastics. I think everyone is feeding the birds and squirrels for them to be so fat. Squirrels live a long time, like 15 to 18 years.

Stay safe and well.

Deb said...

I love the rug. You such such beautiful work! I am wondering how you display your rungs. Do you hang them on the wall? The new vehicle looks great. I get it is AWD and good in the snow. You need that. Both of our vehicles are AWD. Your post reminds me that I need to get a new iphone as well - before we do some more traveling this spring. We have cancelled some get-togethers this week dues to spiking Covid rates here in Utah. Again, like you we are vaccinated and boosted, but Covid is exploding here. We are back in a mask-mandate in all public spaces, in our county. I hope your week goes well and that you stay well and save.

Nellie said...

I have fallen behind reading your posts! I always enjoy them so much! We’ve had a bit of snow/ice here, not a great accumulation, but enough to cause problems on those backroads that aren’t treated. School buses have to travel on them, though, so there was no school a couple of days this week. Today there has been rain all day. I’ve reached the age that I’ve outlived all my best friends from my youth group at church when I was a teenager. Thankfully there are a few others remaining from college. We’re all spread distances apart, though. Miss B is darling! We were able to gather safely with the vaccinated part of our family (still one holdout) over Christmas, though the time was brief and passed too quickly. Prime rib! Delicious! I generally take the hand-me-down from our oldest daughter when it’s time for her to have a new phone. I wish you a year ahead of good health, happiness, and many opportunities for laughter. That’s one thing I miss, too. Husband and I have always been much too serious in our approach to things, and the pandemic hasn’t helped us lighten up at all!

Angela said...

Your rug and all the cooking is lovely! Could I ask what is the yoga class? I know it would help my elderly joints.😳

Saundra said...

You know I LOVE your hooked rug!!! Didn't know there was a recipe for English muffins but since I eat so few will probably still buy them vs. going to the trouble to make them.
Guess you know that many people who have had all 3 shots have still gotten Covid. I've had all three shots too and just pray I don't end up with it. So all the hype about 'get your booster shot' is for crap IMHO.

Prims By The Water said...

Well I just wrote down a recipe for creamy chicken tortellini soup and yours looks delish too! Your hooked rug looks mighty fine. I have an old I phone 5 which is really outdated too, but am in no hurry to get a new one. Good news on your new wheels. Good for you! Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

You have to be so happy with that rug finish. It is absolutely wonderful!!! Looking forward to seeing the rug you started in October. If you posted about it, I don't!
Congrats on the new to you vehicle. I am surprised you got a good deal. Everything I have read says used car prices have skyrocketed...along with everything else. I wonder who we have to thank for that?
Prayers that we all remain healthy. Up until a few weeks ago, I really knew of no one with Covid. Now every time I turn around, someone I know has it, and like Saundra said, it doesn't matter if you are vaxxed and boosted or not.

yaya said...

Love the rug! It's beautiful..nice job! Covid is nuts here right now and my son and daughter-in-law who are respiratory therapists both got Covid even though they are vaccinated and boosted. 45 employees have it the hospital. So stay safe and yes stay off the ice! I can also handle snow but hate when it's icy. I'm making soup for tomorrow's dinner and also some homemade bread. I let it rise by the woodstove! Have a good week!

Lynda said...

By the way, have you made crumpets? My favorite!

WoolenSails said...

Love that rug, such a fun design. Looks like you have been cooking up some great meals for winter, always fun to cook new things in the winter. Yes, seems shots or not, it is spreading. I do hope it dies out this month.


Olde Dame Holly said...

The rug came out GREAT! I love the design -- and the workmanship! Yes, stay inside, away from ice and germs!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Note to Self: Don't visit Cathy's blog when you're hungry. YUMMM!!! The English Muffins do look easy - I might have to try them if I can dig up a griddle. I don't use a griddle much as I have flat top ranges in both induction and one electric. I know everyone I know prefers gas stoves, but that's not an option in Nod...and since there are other priorities at the lake house, the relatively new electric range there is staying for a while. And that rug...oh that glorious rug!!!!! It turned out every bit as beautiful as I knew it would. That has to be one of your favorites....I know it is mine! Stay warm and hope you're stocked up for the cold you're expecting. ~Robin~ (PS...I LOVE scones but have only ever made or had sweet scones (like blueberry, cranberry/orange, etc.) When you say scones and fried ham do you mean these are a savory type scone with ham in them or you had fried ham...along with some scones??)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Comfort food is always good on days when it's as cold as it has been this week, and scones and English muffins and soup all qualify! Grenville made homemade chowder this week and it was served with the homemade bread that was my dinner contribution. Now, you have me thinking that scones or perhaps homemade cinnamon rolls would be a great weekend breakfast. Also, I agree that snow is nice, but ice is not. We have been spending more indoor time as well.