Sunday, November 28, 2021


I found a wishbone from another turkey we had a while ago and I took it to husband and said "make a wish". He was completely blank. He said I have nothing to wish for! Really nothing?? Well finally he came up with something and we broke it, the top went flying and our sides were basically the same. So maybe we wished for the same thing? But I found it very interesting that he had to think long and hard for a wish.

Thanksgiving was very quiet for us. We made the decision to stay home. Our daughter was having a big crowd and we thought better of it. So I took a nice long walk in the morning. It is always pretty quiet but that day it was almost soundless! I met no one and not one car. I heard no barking from the neighbors dogs or even the wind in the trees. It was a true meditation. 

We have gotten pretty chilly here, the woodstove and the fireplace are doing their job. So thankful for both.

It is a family joke about The Griswolds Christmas. My daughter sent us our first Christmas card so fun. My husband has been called Clark on certain Christmas' (his name is David lol) The spirit just get to him and he goes a little over the top. I love it!

I put up my christmas village. I know I show this every year but I just love seeing it appear every year!

You never know you may catch Santa kissing Mrs Clause. Or an elf bringing in the tree.

A funky church with amazing trees, oh it all makes my heart sing.

Because the price of everything has gone up including electricity I was going to skip putting the candles in the windows. Clark aka husband thought I had lost my mind! So as you can see they are in the windows. they are all dusk to dawn candles. Automatic off and on. 

We got out first snow, really a dusting but it rained first and so it was pretty slick driving to work the next day. Not sure what happened to our road crew? (not enough people?) it could be a long winter. 
I got the yarn I was missing so I am at the finish off point for my shawl. And my hooking is slow but steady. But I am loving it. 
I did order a couple of things on line black friday but really it was on the deals and steals thing so not much. I feel like I am done I just want to get a couple of gift cards and that is it. 
I need to sit down and do Christmas cards, I still like to do cards I know they are expensive too. 
I hope you all had a wonderful time and are filled with good food and good visits. Have a great week.



Julia said...

Ah, I remember everyone wanting the turkey wishbone. Now I don't even bother saving the wishbone. Your husband is a satisfied man and has all he wants. That's how we should all be.

You are ahead of me on Christmas decorating. I usually only start about mid-December. I haven't decided on how much I will decorate for Christmas this year. For two Christmases in a row, family dinners had to be cancelled because of the huge snowstorm and treacherous driving conditions. As long as nobody is sick, I'll be very happy.

Getting started early on the Christmas cards is a good idea as the mail si getting slower and slower every year.

Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

Like you I spent thanksgiving home since my song and DIL had a house full and she wasn't feeling well a few days prior. Cute with the wishbone pull; I used to love that as a kid at grandma's house. Thank goodness no snow here yet but it will surely arrive soon as the temps are dropping daily.

TheCrankyCrow said...

!!! Thank you for sharing the trivia about the wishbone! I love quirky facts and did not know where the tradition came from (and am not sure why I never thought to look into it am glad you did and shared!) I will forever more think of them as "merrythoughts." Absolutely love that! I know I saw your village last year, but love seeing don't ever stop posting it. It conjures all those wonderful childhood thoughts of Christmas as it should be. And I am glad "Clark" convinced you to put your window candles IS Christmas after all. Wish I had a Clark LOL. ~Robin~

Olde Dame Holly said...

I buy Christmas cards after Christmas each year, for the next year. I have gotten boxes of $18/box cards for $2. But the postage is just so high! I just love your Christmas village. It is absolutely adorable and so interesting. I love Putz houses and all the little figurines! Always post it, please! It's a blog tradition!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

No turkey wishbone here as we have no carcass since our Thanksgiving dinner was non-traditional. We were with family in RI and enjoyed chicken, ribs and apple pie and good company. Ours was a small group of 6 and I can understand your reluctance to be in a large group, Cathy. The village looks nice and this was my first time seeing it. We've decided to forgot setting up the large village this year and will just put up the artificial tree we bought last year after management decreed no more live trees within the apts (bah humbug). We only had a few snow flurries late Sat night, but nothing stayed on the ground. I will also be starting my Christmas cards this week because I also enjoy sending (and receiving) them. Glad others do as well. If you would like to exchange holiday cards, you can contact me at my blog email and we can exchange addresses.

Prims By The Water said...

I just thought about having to get my Christmas cards out. I send them too. I dont care how many times you share your Christmas village because it looks so sweet and festive. LOL on your husband and Christmas Vacation. Bob is a Scrooge in our house, but he will put up the lights outside and at the store, because I cannot. Janice

WoolenSails said...

I love to walk and just be, it really clears the mind. Getting cold here and I have to drive to walk, so not as much now. My relaxing is listening to music and working in my sewing room. I stay away from crowds myself, not worth it. Your village pieces are fun, I Love collecting things from thrifts, always find the best pieces. Another place I do miss going to, but most thrifts and antique stores here are tight so hard to avoid people.


yaya said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I didn't see this post but it sounds like you had a nice quiet day. Nothing better than a good walk. I have struggled with walking since my neck issue. After my surgery it's a bit better but I'm still not up to where I used to be. The doctor said it could take 1-2yrs before I feel more normal...sheesh! I hope not so I just keep plugging along and going farther each time. Anyway, I love your little village and I have a few decorations that speak to me too and just usher in the holiday. It's great your hubby likes to decorate! Mine likes to help but probably wouldn't do it on his own.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your Christmas village is always so sweet.
You MUST have candles in the windows!!! Mine are up year round and not on timers.
I, too, still send Christmas cards. Funny story. I thought I had bought cards after Christmas last year but could not find them so bought more. Thankfully I only opened and used one of the boxes...and of course then found the cards I had already purchased. Luckily I had saved the receipt so was able to return the two unopened boxes. Argh!

Dicky Bird said...

I love the Christmas village. My friend has some of those funky trees with fruit in them too.