Sunday, November 21, 2021

No Reason To Rush

The sun rises have been pretty spectacular lately. With most of the leaves off we have a bit better view. 

The temps have been weird we were in the 40s and thur we were almost 70 then back to the 40s. We saw some snow fly just a little reminder of what is coming. 

I still walk as much as I can. I walk by this yoga barn each time. It is on the little dirt road I walk on and tucked in the woods. Very peaceful but walking even in the cold makes my spirit happy. I love to get back to the house with cold cheeks and tired. So I think I will skip yoga for now. 
Covid is rampant here so we are sticking pretty close to home. 
Lots of family members have had it thankfully we have not seen them since Oct. We have been invited to 2 different Thanksgivings but we have decided to just stay home, have some steak tips and maybe pull out some Christmas decorations. 
Christmas will be busy enough. 

I am getting to the last section to my shall. (don't look to closely lots of customizing took place lol.) But I ran out of a yarn! I called the place I bought it from in the first place and lo and behold they had one left! They are putting it in the mail and I should get it this week. I have enjoyed working on this but not sure knitting is my thing. I can not keep my mind on it! ugg

I finished my woodpecker on my rug. I am now working on the trees and the snow. I still have a squirrel that does not want to look right so I have given up for now.  I am working with a much small cut for the woodpecker so it is very different hooking for me. 

I am getting ready to decorate the store window where I work. 
Since we are a little used book store I try to do something with recycled book pages. I save books with broken bindings. I saw these stars in magazine and thought they looked perfect for what I wanted to do. 

And speaking of magazines I am also making a few trees from them. for the window. 

We are now going into a very busy time of year and I try to remind myself to take time to enjoy it. It will be so nice to be with family this year we didn't see anyone last year. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


Julia said...

I love your attitude of no reason to rush.
I admire your paper star and magazine tree. You always come up with beautiful Christmas paper decorations from old books every year. They really give a festive atmosphere to the bookstore.

You are so smart for walking daily. I don't like to walk alone and just stay home. All my friends are getting older and live quite a distance from me. I never needed extra exercise until I retired from the farm. In the summer I keep active in the yard but as soon as it gets cold I want to cocoon, lol...

Christmas is coming so fast and I'm not ready as usual. Years ago, I was ready in October.

Take care and stay warm
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

How fun to create your displays using old book pages. Very clever indeed! Woodpecker looks great as well. Janice

Saundra said...

Very creative to do the stars from book pages to get people interested. I'd planned on joining my son DIL and grandson on Thanksgiving too but my DIL recently complained of not feeling well and had no taste. She's already had Covid and then had the vaccine but there are variants out there (thanks to Fauci and China) so will stay home instead.

yaya said...

It is wise not to rush. I'm learning to slow down but it took retiring for me to do it! We're having everyone here for turkey day and hopefully all will be well! Just when I thought we were slowing down with the Covid, it's up again here too. Crazy. Oh well, I hope you have a lovely day as it sounds quiet and also fun with Christmas decorating. I'm ready to get started as soon as Thursday is over. Have a good week and I love your ideas for your store. So fun!

Deb said...

I think a quiet Thanksgiving at home is best. It will just be my husband, son and I at our Thanksgiving table again this year. That's find. I didn't know you worked in a used book store. What a cool job! I am totally jealous. I love decorations you are making out of recycled book pages. We got our tree up and decorated this weekend, and I will work on Christmas cards over Thanksgiving. I love the scarf you are making. That is absolutely beautiful! I am glad you have been able to get more yarn. I hope you have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your "customized" shawl looks perfect to me.
Love the book page stars and the magazine tree.
Yes, I need to slow down and enjoy the season, but right now my head is just spinning thinking of all that needs to be done. I will never learn that less is more...sigh.

Hill Top Post said...

Walking has become a way of life for me. I can’t imagine a day without it. I love your no rush attitude. I will try to remember it in the days to come.

TheCrankyCrow said...

There are times I just need to play with paper...revisit my early school days I guess... The stars are so pretty...and those trees remind me of those in "vogue" "back in the day" LOL. I wish there were a yoga place near me....The stretching would be good for me...and it is the one "exercise" I am allowed to do. There are places in town, but the thought of having to get ready and drive 20-30 minutes there and then again back - especially in bad weather or at night (I don't do well seeing at night) is not very appealing. The shawl looks good to me...I'm not knitter, so the "customization" ;-) is lost on me. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Cathy. ~Robin~

Sue in Suffolk said...

After having to rush for many years and clock watching, it's a joy to be slow.

The stars will look really good for your bookshop window

Dicky Bird said...

Those will be perfect window displays. Yes, the sunrises have been glorious.

WoolenSails said...

I do love getting out in the fall and I find that the sunsets are prettier in the winter, I think the air quality is better.
I guess it is going to be another tough winter, but I think I will be happy to stay in and Away from people, except the kids.
I rarely go out but I do use a mask and take it off and change to another if I am going to more than one place.


Jennifer Gail said...

Happy Thanksgiving