Sunday, December 5, 2021

Family And Friends=Joy

I am slowly but surely getting my Christmas put out.
A small feather tree we put up in the family room.

Friday I got out of work a couple of hours early to go see my Sweet B dance at the festival of trees. The cute one in the glasses.

It was a small affair and just wonderful!

I slept over and Sweet B read me a Christmas book before she went to bed,I had't seen them since Halloween. They did just get back from Florida ,I asked B what was her favorite. "Hands down Harry Potter world!" She showed me her wand and told me all about it. So glad they got to go. 

Bright and early I tipped toed out of their house and headed for Maine! To my sweet friend's beautiful beach house. For some time to celebrate the Christmas season. 

We went to Christmas in Kennebunkport they have a Christmas Prelude every year. It is like walking into a Dickens village.

We even got some snowflakes! Just to make it all the more festive. 

Everything was decorated including the boats. The restaurant letters say LOVE KBP and yes we do. 

The tunnel of lights was fun ,it is a walkway that they decorated. 

 Then coming out of Perkins Cove we see this. We could not be any further from a palm trees but it make a very fun display.
We went to a couple of church sales and found wonderful things for pretty cheap. The acorn earrings really spoke to me, and the hot pad is made from pine spills. I love handmade things. 
I found a Susan Branch christmas book and a cookie stamp (more on that later) 
I found to much to go on and on with. Today when I left my friend to go home I was filled with lots of Christmas spirit! It felt like the old days. We did all the things we use to. 
So here is to a holiday season that fills you with the spirit of joy, peace and contentment. 


Saundra said...

I shared your same spirit of Christmas joy and gathering as you wrote about it on your blog post. Goodness but B is a young lady in waiting and I remember when she was just a tot. Thanks for sharing you Christmas and friendship joy with us.

Prims By The Water said...

There is a town we know here in Michigan that does a Dickens Christmas. Everyone dresses up and the whole town is festive. My Miss B is getting bigger. They grow up so fast dont they. So glad you were able to celebrate with your friend in such a great town. Solove that lighted arch too! Janice

Hill Top Post said...

What a wonderful post ~ filled to the brim with lots of Christmas spirit. How wonderful friends are!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Seeing Miss B dance. A sleepover. Off to a friend's beach house. You are living the dream!!! Kennebunkport looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Always fun to find new treasures...especially at a great price.

Olde Dame Holly said...

What an uplifting and peaceful post! Sweet B is truly sweet and what a joy it must be to have her as your dear granddaughter! What luck! KBP is beautiful. I have only seen it in photos but it gives such a cozy, exhilarating feeling to see it in winter!

Buttercup said...

Loved visiting Maine via your post. Hoping to get to New England for at least a day to enjoy the holiday decorations and spirit.

Farm Girl said...

What a pretty place. I love those earrings too. Gosh, Miss B is getting to be such a big girl. Have a wonderful week.

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderful way to kick off this season of joy and love. I have never been to Kennebunkport...make that I've never been farther east than PA and that was only for a brief period circling over the airport from above (long story LOL). It looks like an amazing place. Love the white lights especially...on the tree, the walkway, the boat!! Fun finds... Sometimes it' the little treasures that can bring the biggest smiles. I, too, love the trivet. Hope your week is off to a great start...our is off to a very cold, snowy and blustery one. ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

Forgot to mention...that is not a little feather tree! LOVE IT!

yaya said...

What a great time! Miss B is growing so fast and I'm sure it was a fun time with her. How cute that she read you a book! I love that Christmas village! I would be coming home with a car full. Yes, it's feeling more like a normal Christmas season even with rising Covid cases. I'm heading to a family gathering next weekend and hopefully all will go well there! I love your feather tree. Enjoy your decorating!

Dicky Bird said...

Oh that looks amazing! Dicken's village for sure! What great finds too!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We have been to KBP during the holiday season as well in past years and it was wonderful to see it so brightly decorated. The best finds are always handmade ones and I have several holiday ones displayed on our walls, most were bought at holiday flea markets at a fraction of what's charged in stores for imported goods. Your finds looked great, Cathy. Also nice that you were able to attend Bea's recital and stay overnight and be read a story as well, priceless memories for sure and that's what the holidays should be all about.