Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Good Old Summer Time

In spite of the rain my gardens are doing pretty well.
We have had so many hazy days from the smoke out west.
It always amazes me just how much it dims our sun when we do have sun.

On the dryer days I have gardened a lot!!
The weeds got a very big head start on me so I worked hours the past couple of days and yes I found a buddy!! A great buddy for the gardens good bug eater and no snakes ick I hate them!!

The past couple of Weds we have gone to concerts on the common.
Always nice on a summer night to listen to a live band. This band played all 60s. 

My zucchini is starting to come in, good thing as I am not sure about my tomatoes this year, I don't think we have had enough sun for them to ripen. 
This is baked stuffed zucchini sooo good and husband likes it too.

I also made zucchini muffins, I threw a handful of blueberries in.
Very good and perfect with your morning coffee.

I got an early birthday gift from my sweet B (granddaughter). She felt I needed a place for my glasses at night. His name is ziggy and I promise to take very good care of him. 

Ok around these parts we call this a clicker aka a flame thrower. 
Well I have no idea if it is me or the child proof thing has gone completely over the top, but I now cannot light it with one hand!
and if I have anything even remotely slippery on my hand it is a impossible! I am going back to the old fashion wooden matches I have had enough.

I saw this and thought of the last post and just how loud then are. 
Have a wonderful week!


Olde Dame Holly Rose said...

Oh, that's too funny with the crow. I love their antics! I used one of those long-nosed lighter thingies before, but didn't have a lot of luck with it. I don't see them often but there are very long "fireplace" matches, or at least once there were! Easier to use! My zucchini are rotting on the vine, sigh. Hope you get a bit of sun for your garden before autumn sets in!

Saundra said...

Pretty coneflowers! I like my toads too and actually snakes don't bother me at all ~ that is as long as it isn't poisonous. Also, they aren't slimy, their skin just gives that appearance since it is shiny.

Rugs and Pugs said...

My computer is acting up, so you may have this message twice. GGGRRRRR!
What a sweet gift from Miss B.
Summer is flying by. Why doesn't winter?

Deb said...

I love that planter with a place to put your glasses. Such a fun gift! Listening to a 60s band in the park sounds great. Glad your garden is doing well. It is still smoky and hazy out here too - been that way almost all summer. Yes, those lighters are getting harder to light - I noticed that last time I grilled outside and had to light the charcoal. Hope you enjoy the reset of the week. :-)

Julia said...

Crows are interesting to watch and they are so smart. When my mom was alive and well, she used to put some leftover food on a big flat rock for the crow and they were always anticipating their treats and would call loudly to their friends and they would all show up for the feast and clean up everything.

I haven't planted zucchini but I weeded my son's zucchinis yesterday and they are ready to pick.

Like you, I've reverted to the good old fashion wooden matches. Those lighters are so problematic and what do you do with the leftover fluid in them when they stop working?

It was very smoggy and hazy yesterday from all the fires in Nothern Ontario. The sun is shining this morning and the air feels better than yesterday. I hope you get some sunshine.

Jennifer Gail said...

Ziggy will come in handy. I love the crow saying.

Farm Girl said...

I love that place to keep your glasses. That is so great. Oh my gosh, I am always afraid I am going to blow up the house because I can't get it lit in time. I think I need to go back to wooden matches too.
Your garden looks wonderful.
It sounds like a odd year for weather at your house.
Have a great week.

WoolenSails said...

The smoke was bad here for a few days, luckily we got winds that blew it off and with rain showers, that helps to get rid of the rest.
I am the same way, I hate those lighters but I need it for the camper oven since I have to get inside to light it.
Hopefully August will bring less rain and not too hot.


yaya said...

I only planted one zucchini plant but it's ginormous!! I have tons of tomatoes but still all green. We're having smokey skies too. It still amazes me something so far away caused trouble here! Maybe we could find a way to send some rain in their direction! I love your eye glass holder! So clever! Enjoy your summer!

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Man those muffins look delicious!!Have a great week.

Prims By The Water said...

Well I finally got my blog roll back. I hate blogger sometimes. What a sweet gift from your granddaughter! Yum on anything zucchini. We did not start a garden this year and now I miss having it. Janice