Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Deer Deer

I know I am late with happy 4th of July but better late than never is my motto. These flags I got from a little store years ago they are 48 stars she found old stock from a 5 and 10. I bought 3 why in the name of all that is holy I didn't buy them all (maybe a dozen or so) for 2.00 each is beyond me.

And my little house that husband made me I decorate for the holidays. Very sweet in the evening when sitting on the porch. My favorite place in the world....

I have worked very hard at my gardens this year, well the past 2 years really. My fairy roses are glorious!!! 

And so was my hosta until the deer got it. We had to run after her, she was not afraid of us not one tiny bit. We would chase her from the front she would run to the back of the house and eat the hosta there grrr.
I chased her 4 times yesterday. This morning she is back with her kids!!! Someone suggested deer off so I spent the morning putting it out and now we wait. 

She also ate the buds off from most of my cone flowers!

My lavender is in full bloom and I have been picking daily. I made a lavender wand to put in my wool and just tied a bow on the other ones to have on a shelf. The green ribbon isn't the prettiest but it is the oldest so I am using it.

I know I show this a lot but my mother's African violet blooms year around always so pretty.

I really scrubbed our bathrooms top to bottom. Hands and knees scrubbing every little corner. I had this stick on little glass vase. A few flowers makes me smile each time I go in.

In the past 7 days we have had record high temps and record low temps. the 4th was very cold and rainy, really fireplace weather!
But oh that heat! I hate the heat, today we have high humidity and very hazy, not our usual weather. We headed north as the amount of traffic and people in this area is CRAZY! (We are in a lake town)Well up north was not much better. But we had lunch walked around town and shared an ice cream. 

During the cool time I hooked a bit but I dumped out my extra strips and was working on getting them into like piles. I do not have as many strips as some people, I try to cut as I go. 
I have also signed up for another rug hooking retreat in October if I get the teacher I want. I am just being a pain in the behind I know but there is only one teacher I saw I wanted to work with. The best part it is close to home and I can commute. 

My rhubarb is still doing pretty well so I picked a couple of stalks and made muffins. They came out pretty good. The recipe is from King Arthur Flour. 
Have a great week everyone. I hope your 4th was a good one and safe. We are into the dog days of summer right now. 


Saundra said...

The flags...I can relate as to why we don't buy the things we love at a great price even if they are outdated? Coulda, shoulda. I live in the woods and there are MANY deer here who traverse thru my property. I doubt it is just one deer who eats my foliage so are you sure you are chasing the ONLY one deer?

You are smart and what I'd do to hold out for the only teacher I wanted at a camp. OH MY, THOSE muffins look delicious and as full as I am from dinner tonight I'd have one.

yaya said...

I am with you on the heat and humidity. I enjoy a cool summer evening but this is turning into a hot, hot summer. So I'll tolerate it and look forward to Fall. I actually got a Fall magazine the other day in the mail..I was so happy! Your decorations are so pretty and I do envy that lovely porch. I sit on our deck often but wish for a screened in porch to get away from the bugs. I'm glad you had a nice July 4th. We did but I was happy to get home yesterday and back to my gardens! I hope after I heal this neck up I can really get into my gardens full time. Isn't that what retirement is suppose to be? Time to do those things we couldn't while working? Although I did both! Anyway, I hope the weather gets better and you have a good week!

Julia said...

I'm having deer and gopher problems too and they are munching on even the tender tip of my rose bush, not eating them but just breaking them and eating my hostas also. I have an electric fence around my veggie garden so the deers don't go in anymore but the gopher has discovered how to sneak under the wire and is eating all my beans. He's even eating my petunias. I used to love seeing deers but not anymore.

We're having the same type of weather as you.


Deb said...

Hello. It's super hot here too - 104 predicted tomorrow. Our Air Conditioning went out so after trying several days to get it repaired, we are buy a whole new system Ouch!! $$$$! Your muffins look so good. Your flowers are beautiful. Honestly, I am about ready for fall too. Glad to hear you are having a nice summer and doing some fun things. See you again soon.

Faith said...

I had read that deer have sensitive sense of smell, and don't like anything with a scent. I use a product called Repel...so far, fingers crossed..they have been kept at bay. Your African Violet is lovely, I do so like them too. Way to hot and humid, but so good for the tomatoes. Such a lovely time of year flowers an garden time.

Farm Girl said...

Oh goodness that is hot. I really need to pick my lavender and make wands.
It looks lovely and I love that house your husband made for you. I made flags. I love those that you found.
I hope it cools off for you, and your muffins looks scrumptious.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Your wands look pretty! I love green so the ribbon looks nice to me! I did not realize deer would eat hostas!

Hill Top Post said...

Your fairy roses really are glorious! wow! And the rock border too. I gave up on hostas a long time ago because of the deer. Millie girl does a pretty good job of keeping the deer away, but she does have to sleep sometimes. A retreat in October sounds like a perfect ending to a hot summer.

Jennifer Gail said...

I didn't realize that deer ate hostas.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your roses are just beautiful! I have never had luck with roses here.... The last I planted were supposed to be climbing ones and are not, so they just got brutally trimmed and will be "removed" come "real" fall. This summer here has had some bipolar moments. We were uncharacteristically hot for several days, then unseasonably rainy...and now unseasonably cool. I am in long jeans and a sweatshirt and toying with lighting a fire in the fireplace. 40's at night is too cool for summer. I love your little house...especially the crow on top. (Don't tell me it's NOT a crow even if it isn't as I shan't believe it LOL). Deer...gah. Somehow, they aren't that much of an issue here in Nod, but at the lake it is impossible to have a plant or shrub, even though we are essentially on an island. Could it be that the next closest neighbor FEEDS them?? Nah.... Grrrr.....Enjoy your beautiful porch! ~Robin~

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hope the deer issue is resolved before all the blooms are eaten away. It seems those deer have found a great place to dine, sadly in your yard and now they are sharing with family! We too don't really like extended hot weather and what a dramatic change last weekend and this one. Lavender is one of my favorite scents -- anything purple in fact is a favorite!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Your roses are lovely. I hope the deer don't destroy them. Hope you are having a wonderful summer.