Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Old Enough To Know Better Now

We had a little visitor one morning. We did not see mom. The first bear we have seen in a couple of years. He was headed next door to the berry patch, glad I got there first.

On my daily walk I saw a very tiny orange newt. 

Followed by this, yikes!!! I sense a theme
July was very cold and rainy and so far August seems to be just beautiful! Not the warm air of August but the cool dry air of fall.

For my birthday we went to King Arthur Flour in Vermont for lunch and a little shopping. 
and on the way home we found this garden.

It is a Japanese garden tucked in truly the middle of now where, off a dirt road in a very very small town.

While I know nothing of the symbolism of the gardens I know they are just beautiful and I appreciate the work.

And time that goes into it. 

Some of these trees have to be very old.

Lots of care and pruning.

The Granite in this garden was old and thick.
Just peaceful and lovely and wonderful find.

Today is my birthday I am officially older than dirt! We had a quick dinner out and then went to the concert on the common. Well it was the Beatles!! So fun and reminded us of younger days.
I hate to discuss Covid yet again but the numbers around here are going up. No where near what the rest of the country is but still up. 
I hear whispers of canceling rug hooking gatherings uggg. 
I have an immune compromised husband so we have to be careful but because other people can not be careful my life has to stop too. Very frustrating and now I am off my soapbox.

I will end with a free pattern by Linsay Bowles.
Please if you use this give her credit for her art work.


Deb said...

Hello. Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a wonderful year. Covid cases are way up here in Utah as well. Hubby and I are masking up again when we go out in public. Frustrating to be sure. Take care and stay well. Enjoy what's left of the week.

Hill Top Post said...

Happy birthday! I love the Japanese garden! So beautiful and peaceful looking.

Saundra said...

Happy belated birthday! I see many blue newts here and never an orange one. And hope to never see a bear, young'n or bigger! Thank goodness Delaware does not have bears but we have coyote's.

Julia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cathy. I hope that you felt more special than you felt old on your birthday.

I've never seen an orange newt but I've seen black ones although rarely.

That Japanese garden looks so peaceful and well taken care of. It must be a labour of love.

We have been very lucky so far in New Brunswick and are now in zone green but it remains to be seen for how long with all the resurgence of Covid elsewhere. You are wise to take every precaution, especially with your husband's compromised immunity.

The little bear's mother can't be very far. I'm glad that you didn't encounter her while picking berries. Better not go picking alone.

Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

Happy Birthday. I love the things you find. I love Japanese patterns.
I hope you have a wonderful week.

Jennifer Gail said...

Happy Birthday belated. Love the garden but most of all that leaf!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sounds like you had a very happy birthday!
I have never seen a bear run loose. That orange newt is pretty cool.
I know I shouldn't be political, but sometimes I can't help myself. Perhaps if the current administration stopped the Covid infected people entering our country illegally, there would not be such a problem. They cross the border and are being sent all over the country untested. Rant over!!!

Prims By The Water said...

Happy Birthday young lady. Oh a bear...we dont have them on this side of our state, but they are here in the North of our state. My dad almost lost an arm because he was taking a picture of a cub in a tree. Out comes mama and swipes him in the arm taking off the entire sleeve of his Winter coat. Thank goodness he had that on. I never understood Japanese gardens either, but are wonderful none the less. Janice

Olde Dame Holly said...

I have never seen such a newt! You have a keen eye and find so many beautiful treasures. The bear was scary! I am glad he did not come up to your house. The Japanese garden - what a labor of love. Someone has made something so unique. What a find!

moosecraft said...

Happy Birthday!

Dicky Bird said...

Happy Birthday and what a wonderful find - such a cool garden! I wonder it's history.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy, Happy, Belated Birthday. Sounds like a lovely way to spend your day. Awww....sweet little newt.....I can't recall the last time I've seen one....they are so very secretive!! But the toads are my friends....First thing I do each morning (after feeding the furkids) is check the pool to make sure none went for a late night swim. The wildlife here has becoming more emboldened it seems this year. We have had several cougar sightings (after the one that paid Snowdog and me a visit a while back), wolves, coyotes...and an occasional peacock (the farmer a few miles up has peacocks and often they go out on a walkabout LOL). Like Lauren, I try to avoid politics in seems to be one of the last stands in consideration and tolerance of differences.... And while I truly do appreciate and understand your concern given your husband's situation, I also believe that there needs to be less "vaccine shaming" for those who have legitimate reasons (medical, religious, and/or other reasons such as, but not limited to, acquired immunity). As they say: There are always two sides to a story and truth is usually somewhere in the middle. There is just so much unknown yet at this point. ~Robin~

yaya said...

Happy Birthday dear blog buddy! Looks like it was a great day. Such a beautiful garden. My brother in Wisconsin has a bear that visits them regularly. I just stick with the deer that seem to be invading more this year! Our Summer has been wet, muggy and warm. I'll look forward to the cooler temps of Fall! I'm wearing masks again in stores. I've gotten 2 colds since I quit wearing one and an article I just read said more folks are getting summer colds because we've been masked up so long and our immunity is down. Hmmm...maybe if I don't wear one I'll not get a cold again! Have a good week!