Monday, June 28, 2021


Tonight as I write this post it is thundering and pouring much needed rain. As my mother use to say "It's hotter than the hinges to hell" 
We live in Northern New England, there is no central air in our house just one old wheezy air conditioner that we refuse to listen to so we haven't put it in the window yet. We did go for a quick swim before the storm to cool off at the local lake so that was something.
Some of you asked to see Sweet B's fairy houses,here are a couple.
Her grandfather also known as Pep helps her as you can see. This one had the cutest fence they made but something lugged it off! If I see a chipmunk with a fence around his hole I am going to lose it.

When she went for fairy nights each fairy she visited gave her things for her fairy houses so the mushrooms and little urns are some of the fairy gifts. 

Speaking of Fairies this is a fairy rose that is loaded with buds!
This rose bush will bloom now until a hard frost. 

My lavender is blooming time to make some lavender bottles/wands to put in my wool. Lavender is my favorite scent.

Since it has been so hot we have been camped out on the porch.
We have ceiling fans and usually some kind of breeze happens. this time of year instead of throwing out left over coffee I have a container in the frig for it. I make coffee ice cubes too so our coffee never waters down. A perfect afternoon pick me up.
We have been grilling and I wanted some bread for dinner, so I dug out my bread machine and put it on the porch to do its magic. No extra heat in the house. I made white bread but added a packet of garlic and herb dry soup mix . It came out perfect~

I have been feeling like we are in a rut for dinner so I dug out some of my cookbooks for some ideas. I have lots of bookmarks and some good ideas. I will let you know how they are. Grocery shopping tomorrow.

I was looking around and saw this on line. Should this be another craft for Sweet B and I???

I recently purchased a book of Poems by Athey 
She is from England, how I love this sweet little book. 
Her facebook page is Talesoftheoldforestfaeries

Sweet B is going to take riding lessons, no surprise there after last weeks ride. A girl and horses there is just something sometimes.
When she went home she told her parents we were rich! Lol
While we are far from money rich, we are rich in so many other ways. And having her in our lives makes us Billionaires!
Have a wonderful week!



TheCrankyCrow said...

Thank you so much for sharing glimpses of Sweet B's sweet fairy houses...they are precious! I laughed, though, about the purloined fencing LOL. I had a little fairy garden planted in an old wagon for several years but did not tend to it this year. It makes me sad to look at the neglected fairydom. Glad you are getting some rain - hopefully it will cool you down. We went from unseasonably (and un-regionally) hot to unseasonably rainy. I had to put back the outdoor piping for the is raining as I type...and is in the forecast for the remainder of the week. And so very much at once...and sometimes all day long. I, too, have been scouring my collection of cookbooks looking for small-portion ideas. None I have tried have truly impressed me. Yay on the riding lessons for B!! You are so right...there's just "something sometimes." ~Robin~

Lady Locust said...

The faerie houses are adorable. I have a couple wonderful books on Fairies. Fairyopolis by CM Barker is a fun one for young and old alike.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a charming fairy house created by Miss B and her grandfather and too bad about the missing fence. The rain you had last night isn’t forecast for this part of NH until later this week and we have a heat wave in process here too. Like yourself, I also am in a rut as to meal prep and have cookbooks galore, but am opting for simple meals, mostly chicken, fish, salads. We also enjoy breakfast for dinner some weeks. Thanks for the idea of putting a dried soup mix into bread dough and I may give this a try the next time instead of the dried nerbs added in the past.

Julia said...

Fresh bread is always a hit even on hot days. I remember my mom, baking bread every day to feed her large family, even on the hottest days and she didn't have a bread maker in those days.

Whoever made that ballerina with rock must have been very lucky to find those feet rock. I think it will become another rock craft for Miss B. I'm glad that she makes you feel like Billionaires. Her little fairy house is really cute. I'm looking forward to more fairy houses and accessories. It's good fun.

It's hot and muggy here today and I have to go check for potato bugs on my potatoes.

Have a great rest of the month.
Hugs, Julia

yaya said...

We couldn't do without A/C. It gets too muggy in the summer. I know most of the country is heating up. My sons out west are really cooking with temps over 100. I hope Miss B enjoys her riding lessons. My granddaughter really likes her lessons. Try and stay cool and enjoy your week and July 4th!

Saundra said...

I used to grow lavender in my yard but over the years it got too woody and eventually died. But I do buy lavender scent and will often spray my pillow at bedtime and have a restful sleep. Wow, but that bread sounds delicious and smart move to put the baking machine outside.

Hill Top Post said...

I have heard a lot of old sayings about summer's heat, but never "It's hotter than the hinges to hell." We are pretty hot here too so I am going to try that one on the hubby. This is a fun post. The fairy houses, I love. And the fairy books of poetry. Living on the porch with ceiling fans whirring has a lot of appeal too. I hope you have a great 4th!

Rugs and Pugs said...

The faerie houses are so sweet. Miss B is lucky to have you and Pepe!
Most of the rain has skirted around us today, but fingers crossed we will get some since I did not water today. Hot and sticky here, too, but at least I have A/C. Hopefully your heat will break soon.

WoolenSails said...

It is way too hot for me, inside most of the time. I hate air but have to use it, but will be nice when the rains come.
Love Miss B's fairy houses, that is so fun.


Olde Dame Holly said...

I am so sorry you have been having that awful heat. Folks there are not used to it. And it is dangerous! Good idea on the iced coffee; I drink gallons of it (literally) but I just use regular ice to weaken it so I don't get too caffinated! The fairy houses are wondrous creations. I love that rock art, too, but maybe glue it down on a piece of wood and keep it, maybe a gift for the fairies! I wonder what took the fairy house fence -- I bet it was a chipmunk! Or a squirrel if you have those! Sweet little furry thieves!

Rita said...

Love the fairy houses!
I don't know how you can stand the heat without an AC.
Thanks so much for stopping by with good wishes. :)

Laurel Wood said...

Thank you so much for your visit to my blog via The .frog and PenguINN. I love the fairy houses and that is a mystery about the fencing. Lavender is a favorite scent of mine too. Your bread sounds delicious.. I appreciate your thoughtful comment.

Farm Girl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my neglected blog. I hope you have a wonderful evening and a great 4th with Miss B and your family.
I love fairy anything. It always is so nice to see a hummingbird and think it could be a fairy in disguise. I was in a cooking slump too. Its hard to think of other things to eat sometimes.
Have a wonderful day today.