Sunday, June 28, 2020

Much Needed Rain

I got this rug outside to take a picture. I love the scrappy background it makes it look old to me.

A little bit closer. I thought I was going to run out of background. I used everything I had that would work and I was worried..
But out of a bag that was tucked away I found this chunk of wool.
perfect! Now for the border. I have really enjoyed working on this rug and have a much smaller one for next one.
I prefer larger rugs and have the perfect place for this one between the dinning room and living room.

We are in dire need of rain. On my walk the farmer at the end of the dirt road his big field for his cows is all dry and burned. So sad.
But we have been watering so my gardens look pretty good this is an old fashion rose bush and smells heavenly.

My lavender is the best it's been in years this is just one of my patches. It is my favorite.

These are beach roses. I took some from a house my parents owned years ago it is invasive but husband keeps it in line and it smells lovely too. When the breeze blows the porch is the most fragrant  place in the world to be.

Not to be left out we will have peas for the 4th of July.
And my tomatoes are coming along great!

I made a lavender wand with some of my lavender today 
You can use it in your wool or linens and it is wonderful on your pillow at night. 

This is the view from our porch it is a very washed out picture because of the sun but as you can see all the underbrush has been cut thanks to husband, but the best part of that is at night the fireflies come out!
It is so magical to sit on the dark porch and see hundreds of fire flies blinking all over the yard and in the trees. I am brought back to my childhood I use to catch them in a jar. I tried taking a video last night but it just didn't work.

To pass some of the time we have been playing cards on the porch. The horrid humid heat broke on Wed night this past week, we were 7 days in it. I hate that weather but it has been nice since.It is raining a bit right now but hopefully we get more. We hear thunder bouncing off the mountains so hopefully that means more to come.

And we have a house guest for the week. Meet Kora
she is our daughter's dog and this is her first time being away from them since the whole covid thing and I do mean the first time. She was so home sick yesterday. We walked and tried to keep her busy.
Today she has settled in and feels at home here. They are camping and Sweet B has asked for lots of pictures. She is their little pound puppy and she is very sweet.
Not much going on, my knee is better but my foot is taking it's time healing. I have no plans for this week and really I am happy to be at home with all the vacationers here. Better safe than sorry.
Have a wonderful week.


Julia said...

Your rug looks amazing and now have more perspective on how large the rug is with the dog laying on it.

I love watching fireflies at night and like you, I used to put some in a jar to observe them more closely.

The hay crop is way down this year because of the drought but we will be OK as we have a haybarn still full of good hay from last year plus all the new hay and since we have sold our dairy cow herd and only have 11 young heifers left and some farmers have called it quit because of the repeated floods. I want my husband to retire fully but I can't seem to be able to convince him.

Take care and enjoy your fragrant roses.
Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

I love lavender and used to have several plants but they got too woody and lost them. Good grief woman but that IS one huge rug but it is beautiful.

yaya said...

We've had rain off and on and I would have thought it would move East toward you. I hope you get some more soon! I love your rug and didn't realize it was as big as it is until you had the dog on it! Then I thought that it was nice of you to let the dog lay on such a beautiful piece of art! I also don't enjoy this hot and humid week coming up. We have family coming in next week from Portland, Ore...where it's been cool. It will be a little tough on them I think! Have a good week. I've decided to retire on Aug. 1st. It was a tough decision in some ways, but I'm looking forward to the break and the time to get some projects done. Have a good week Cathy!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I can't believe how quickly you have hooked that HUGE rug. I love it!!!
I haven't made lavender bottles in decades. I just have one scrappy plant and I think this year it is lost in the!
Have fun with your granddog :)

Prims By The Water said...

Love your rug! Hopefully you will get some rain. We love seeing the fireflies in our backyard each night. The trees are full of them. Janice

Deb said...

I love your rug, and your house guest. We had some rain today and hope for more tomorrow. It has cooled things down. I hope you have a good week. Take care and stay safe and well!

Hill Top Post said...

It seems your house guest loves your new rug too. It is much larger than I thought, and does have an old look which makes it even the better.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Your rug is just gorgeous and SO BIG!! I noticed the size when I enlarged it to look at it better and then when I saw your visitor laying on it, too!! It is just wonderful!! Who is the designer? So happy you found more wool!!! The lavender wand is so pretty and have never seen one before!! Happy for your rain and sure wish we would get some!! Hope your foot feels better soon!!! Take care and have a great week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

TheCrankyCrow said...

Like all the commenters before me, I didn't realize that rug was that large. WOW! You go girl LOL!! Hmmm....any tips on photographing large rugs? Obviously I don't do large rugs often, but I tried to take a photo of my (minimal) progress on the whale rug and the photos just get distorted or lose the color....I dunno...just difficult! (Or, perhaps, it's just a reason to not hook any more large rugs?? ;-) ). Miss Kora is beautiful...glad she is settling in for her visit. I have some climbing roses that look very similar to your "beach" roses...every year they have struggled with bugs or disease....but this year they are amazing (not to say the bugs and plight won't come eventually) and just a mass of blooms. Lavender, here, is treated as an annual unfortunately...but, I love it so that I faithfully replant each year. Enjoy your weather reprieve...we are now very humid...but storms predicted each day as well. ~Robin~

WoolenSails said...

Your rug is gorgeous and I do love rugs like that, for the floor. I have one I started years ago that is similar but with my fraktur designs around a tree and almost the same wool for the background.


moosecraft said...

Now that is one gorgeous rug! :-) I do like the lavender wands...though haven't ever tried to make one.

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

I love your rug. It is gorgeous. I am working on a big one right now, but gardening keeps me busy. So glad you got some rain. We really need some here. I am watering every single day and it is a lot of work. I need a day off.