Sunday, April 26, 2020


My daffodils on the hill are finally starting to bloom but guess what??? we are in for 6 to 8 inches of snow starting tonight into most of the day tomorrow uggggg!

Sat was fabulous! We were outside all day I worked in my gardens. I worked mostly in a garden that was a complete mess and had been neglected for a long time. It is starting to look good again. After feet up, sitting on the porch. We even had dinner out there! Our first one of the season.

I am still working on my rug. I was not that happy with the black background so with some help from my fellow hooker friends I am adding some very dark blue plaid. I have not done much as I have been watching a french show on Acorn TV and I have to read subtitles so no looking down or you lose the whole conversation. 

Wed I went to a small little grocery store to pick up milk and bread. I thought I would check out the flour since I have not seen any and I was on my last bag. Bingo!!!! one bag left 10 lbs!!! I felt like that ad for Ikea where she thinks they made a mistake on the prices and she yells for her husband to start the car. 

I saw this on facebook this week Stephen King had to have a tree taken down near his house so why not hire someone to carve the stump? Just fantastic!!! click on it to see all the detail.

As most of you know I run a bookstore with developmentally handicapped adults. This young woman who gives me the business when she thinks I am not doing something just right has been writing to me. I guess absents makes the heart grow fonder. Really she is sweet and funny and could run the bookstore with one hand tied behind her back.
Before this covid hit I ordered pants from LLBean. when I got them I tried them on and could not get them past my tiny little hips (not).
Well I did not get them back to the store so I decided to dig them out to maybe motivate me into losing a bit more weight. Well guess what they fit??? I have lost about 4 lbs not enough but I have been walking 3 to 4 miles every day! What ever happened I am grateful I like those pants. 
Have a great week and stay healthy!


Saundra said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your loss of weight. I have gained and have no excuse other than I've been snacking too much. That tree carving is wonderful and so is your Birds and Pomegranates rug. Don't want snow here so you be sure to keep it contained where you are.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh no about the snow!! That just might push me over the edge at this point. I escaped to the lake and it has been a beautiful weekend here....rain moving in tonight...but rain I can handle. Your rug is looking beautiful....I couldn't pull out the dark blue in it, but I am sure it will compliment the other colors perfectly. I love the tree carving!! Wow!!! That carver has some mad kind of talent. Yay on the weight loss!! I always feel better with exercise...and exercise is always more enjoyable when the weather is conducive to it. No daffies here for us yet. They looked as though they were getting ready to bloom, but the cold snap and snow did a number on them. :-( Sunday blessings ~ Robin

Rugs and Pugs said...

That tree sculpture is absolutely amazing!!!
I will not watch a show with subtitles because I always have to be doing something.
Your rug looks great. You are closing in on the finish.
Crazy weather. Ours, too, but nothing like yours. At least you know the snow won't stick around for long :)

Julia said...

I love your post tonight. Wow on that tree stump sculpture. What a talented artist.
Thanks for sharing that special letter. It's so sweet. It proves that you are dearly missed.
We are supposed to get rain a bit of snow too on Monday. I hope that you don't get that much snow.
Take care. Stay well and safe.
Hugs, Julia

yaya said...

Exercise really can make a difference by gaining muscle and reducing fat even if the scale doesn't seem like much has been lost. Good job! Hope your snow melts quick! I would cry!

Donna said...

Yeah! so happy for you and your Tiny little hips! That's great. Now how can you read sub titles? I usually end up not completing the sentence and PooF! They're on to the next.
By now your little daffodil is most likely covered in snow! Will this ever end?!!

Prims By The Water said...

Congrats on the weight loss. We have a few folks here that carved some old trees. One was a huge bear holding a pot of honey. The other was a pirate with one leg and a treasure chest. The folks that carve these are AMAZING. So glad you were able to spend some time outside. It is still a bit chilly over here to do that. Janice

Jean | said...

Love this post, and I envy you those daffodils and your needlework skills. Any kind of needlework makes me cross-eyed and crabby! I have a post on my blog that I recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight or improve their health. It's funny what you said about watching the movie with subtitles. I was watching a French movie with subtitles one day and found myself turning up the volume (as if that would help my limited language skills)!

moosecraft said...

Congrats on making those pants fit! :-) Activity counts the most out of every other healthy strategy!
Love that Stephen King tree! He really knows how to put a twist on the ordinary!
Flour was difficult to find here too....looks like things are beginning to look up!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
LOVE the daffodils and can't believe your weather report!! Hope they were wrong!!!!
Your rug is wonderful and I'm sure your addition of the navy will look just perfect!!
That letter is so very sweet!! We just never know who we touch and what we mean to others!!
So happy you were able to get the flour before you were tackled in the store!!
Great news on the pants, too!! I am walking every day and using my exercise bike and stepper to try to stay healthy!! Boy, but it sure is HARD WORK, but definitely well worth the effort!
Take care and enjoy your weekend!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Cathy, I am a new follow of your blog. I enjoyed reading about your week. I had lost a bit of weight during the first month of thi stay-at-home order. I am afraid I haven't been so good the past couple of weeks. You inspire to start walking 3-4 miles a day again. Thanks! Have a great week and I will stop back for another visit soon.