Sunday, May 3, 2020

Spring Is That You?

This is our tallest peak Mt Washington as you can see it has plenty of snow. How beautiful is that??? They had 4 feet of snow in April.

This Weekend the weather was beautiful. We got out on a small pond to see the loons back from their winter vacation. 

This is a small pond tucked off an old dirt road in the the middle of no where. We go there often in the summer is it quiet and does not have one camp on it. But today we drove up and there were 10 trucks!
We were in complete shock! So we looked around everyone was local all NH plates with local dump stickers. I guess everyone was trying to get away from the infiltraters from other states who have taken over here, locals are not so happy about it either. about 90 percent were at safe distance from each other fishing off the banks. We launched out kayaks and headed out. We were not out long when most of the others called it a day and were gone.  It was lovely to paddle and watch the loons. 

My mother's African violet is in full bloom makes me so happy to see it each morning when I am having coffee. She passed away 11 plus years ago I miss her still.

The weather! Well we didn't get the snow predicted yahoo. But we did get a couple of days of rain. So I worked getting a penny rug together, now for the stitching.

I also had time for some hooking my rug is coming right along. I also color planned my next rug and it's a biggie more on that next time.

I saw this and really had to think about it. No I would  not want to read it. How about you?
Our state is starting to open up slowly it may mean I will go back to work. I have enjoyed being home and not sure I am ready to go back just yet.
Have a wonderful week.


Deb J. in Utah said...

That out-of-way lake where you went to is lovely. Yes, everyone wants to get outside. It is the same around here. Our governor opened up our state parks and then had to close them back up because people rushed there and it got too crowded. My husband and I are both teachers so we won't be going back to work until the fall, and then my husband has decided to retire so it will just be me going back to work then. Our college student son is still working, although his hours have been cut. Our state is opening back up and I do understand why, but it still concerns me. I am wondering if it is perhaps too soon. I guess time will tell. Have a good week!

Saundra said...

My mother's African Violet always looked so perfect one would ask if it was real. She definitely had a green thumb which I did not inherit.
Birds and Pomegranates rug is awesome and your penny rug is coming along quite well too.

Julia said...

The loons remind me of a happy time on White Lake in Ontario years ago. I love to listen to their haunting calls.
You have kept your hand busy. I love your rug. I haven't stitched much lately, except mending.

Your mom's African Violet is beautiful. You sure are taking good care of it. I don't think I would want to read a book like that either. I wouldn't mind reading about the like but it the ending that would concern me. lol.

It's raining this morning and I'm glad because I planted carrots and beets seeds yesterday before the rain.

Stay safe and well.
HUgs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

I do wish I could hear loons on a lake someday. Your rugs are so nice. I do hope you get all opened up soon. That is a pondering question about reading the book of your life. I will think about that, I don't know if I would want to either. Too many tears I think. Do you remember doing Our Town as a play in School? I would be afraid it might be like that.
Its beautiful there. Have a wonderful week.

Prims By The Water said...

So glad Spring is in the air by you. The mountain is beautiful with its snow capped peak...but glad Winter is over. We had temps in the 70's over the weekend. I spent my lunch hour sitting outside soaking in the sunshine before heading inside to work some more. Glad you had a nice time viewing the loons. Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

Glad you didn't get the predicted snow.... We have snow on our mountain still here too... We had some mild temps this past weekend although the wind was miserable. Now by week's end, we are supposed to get down to 20's again. Sigh. We have a loon off our house at the lake...but he/she is makes me sad. I tried to snap a photo several time but it seemed to know what I was up to and would go for a long, long, dive LOL. Your rug is looking wonderful....such rich colors. The rug that I am considering taking on is also large...may be too ambitious for me, but I guess this whole stay-at-home stuff has us hookers thinking big. ;-) Stay well and safe ~ Robin

Hill Top Post said...

Oh what a beautiful and peaceful place. I love the picture of the loons. Your rug is gorgeous!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You are so close to finishing your rug. Beautiful!
I stitched that same cat pattern many years ago. It is hanging in my guest/computer room.
Going to the top of Mt. Washington was the high point of our trip east. Going up we couldn't see a thing, but once we got to the top, we were above the clouds and it was the best weather we had the entire trip.

yaya said...

Looks like a lovely day on a pond. How fun! I'm thinking that going part-time in the summer will have me thinking more and more of going to retirement time! Your pretty African Violet is like a smile and a hello from your Mom. Glad you have it! Take care!

Donna said...

I love that you're working on a penny's adorable. Sadly i have no more African violets but i fo have my orchids (3) blooming..but your African violet is a beauty....great read as usual.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
So happy you did not get the snow they predicted!! Can't even imagine snow right now with our weather at 106* the past 2 days!!! It is actually going to be a bit cooler next the 90's, but I will take it!!! lol
Your lake is just lovely and so happy you could enjoy some peaceful time together!!! Guess others had the same idea!!
Your mom's African violet is just beautiful!! So happy it is still growing for you as a lovely reminder of your sweet mother!!!
Your rug is really beautiful and you are so close!! I'm working on binding mine today!!!
Sweet applique mat, too, and I love being able to work on several things as well!!
Hope you have a great weekend and take care!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

518frenchgirl said...

Hi Cathy, Your kayaking adventure with the loons sounds like paradise, such a long winter and added isolation. Great colors, love your pomegranate rug. It is so strange now to venture out, we brought our dog for her check up and just waited in the car until they brought her back out. I can get used to this curbside because it does seem to assure everyone's safety. I am hoping my mother's orchids blossom, they are sending out those long roots, fingers crossed. Looks like we are in the clear for sunny warm temps, it was fun driving around in VT. today seeing all the tulips and flowering trees and shrubs in bloom. Hope you get to see Miss B very soon.