Sunday, December 1, 2019

A House Tour And A Giveaway!

This is the Lucknow Castle also known as Castle in the Clouds.
Yes I have been here several times and shown you lots of pictures. 
But this was for Christmas.

Each room was decorated by theme not that impressed to tell the truth. Until I got to the maid's room and all that wool! (sorry upside down)

There were ornaments and roping made from wool..

Wreaths and ..

Trees made from wool so sweet..

And this tree oh this tree be still my heart. As you can see it is a candle holder and the center is threaded so you can move the individual pieces as you want. It was old, it had that old wood just yummy.  I have never seen one but oh I would like one, but I am sure it will be out of my reach.(this one was not for sale)

They even had music. The way he was dressed he looked like an elf. but his music was lovely.

This is what I always come for the view. We hung around for sunset.

The original owner Thomas Plante went bankrupt and lost this place. I always think how sad I am for him. To never have had it you don't miss it but to have it and have to leave would be soul crushing. It is such a peaceful lovely place still. (I believe he lost it in the stock market crash)
My daughter called me and said have you heard about the best gingerbread cookies in the world? It is located around the lake from us about an hour's drive not far from the castle. So husband and I went for lunch and stopped at the Yum Yum shop to taste the best gingerbread cookies in the world! As you can see husband and I dove in. It was warm from the oven and few to take home. They ship them anywhere you want. I am no expert but they were pretty good and they had lots of other bakery items too. It smelled just like Christmas when we walked in. I love visiting bakeries.

I decided to purchase Doreen Frost's (Vermont Harvest Folk Art) news letter for the month of December. It is lovely and the pattern can be used anyway you want to. There are stories and recipes, Plus it is nice to get mail.

I have had a LLBean gift cert hanging around so I decided to purchase some really nice sheep wool lined leather slippers.
They were 25% off plus they emailed me a 10.00 gift cert. I have never purchase really nice slippers. What a difference like walking on a cloud and toasty warm. These will come in handy we have been very cold and there is a storm that will last about 38 hours on the way. The crazy thing is the large totals of snow will be in the south! very very different for us. We are 4-8 inches and the south could get up to 16  inches I say good for them!!!

I hit the library on the way out Sat. I picked up this show that was on PBS that we had never watched. It was really good as everyone had said it was, And he is pretty handsome. 
If you are not using your library you are truly missing out. We get free passes to parks and museums and DVDs I also got a couple of Christmas magazines to thumb through.

About one or two Sunday's a month I cook us a big breakfast. 
I thought I would pass on how I cook my bacon. I use a broiler pan I have sprayed and lay out the bacon and into a 375 oven for about 10 minutes but keep an eye on it. All fat drips down below and you have nice and crisp bacon. Now I know it is not healthy but once in awhile is OK. And I feel I am doing a good thing by cooking out of the grease. 

If you are still reading along I am giving this pattern that was a freebie with purchase last year at Cushings. I did the one I got but I got this in a swap and in order to get things moving out instead of in I am giving it away. Just leave a comment no need to share or anything I will pull a name next Sunday, Dec 8th 
Have a wonderful week and happy December.


Rugs and Pugs said...

The Castle in the Clouds looks like a wonderful place to visit.
Love your slippers. Every once in a while it's nice to splurge...and a discount is the icing on the cake.
Please don't enter me in the give-away. I have several holiday patterns on linen waiting to be hooked.

moosecraft said...

Did someone say bacon, cookies and wool? lol! Those slippers look so cozy and warm....I resisted all sales this weekend...though I do enjoy LL Bean! :-) Their flannels are sooo warm and well made. Back to work was a nice, relaxing weekend...

Saundra said...

I've never been to Castle in the Clouds and didn't know of the history, how sad for the previous owner. I've had similar slippers but in boring brown, lol. Those look comfy and perhaps I should invest in another pair to keep my feet warm this winter.

Would LOVE to be added to the long list of people wishing for that Cushing pattern. I admired yours when you worked on it last year.

LSalamy said...

Sadly, even being from New England and hanging in New Hampshire plenty (vacations, a proposal, and a honeymoon!), I've never made it to the Castle in the Clouds. My parents were all about Story Land and the Flume. :)

yaya said...

You always find the fun places to visit and I'm glad you post it here! I love those red no less! Since I don't do hooking or other crafts you don't need to enter me. I just love coming by to say hi and have a good week..and don't worry about our bike adventures..we will be wearing helmets! said...

Thanks for the festive post! Your tootsies must be cozy!

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a pretty place!

Judy Smith said...

Thanks for sharing your little getaway. It looks like lots of fun. Please enter my name for the Cushing pattern. I just finished hooking one of those from a couple of years ago. Such a nice thing for them to do.