Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Weekend With Sweet B!

We spent a overnight with Sweet B and pets.

First up the library to build a gingerbread house.

Lots of candy to work with, this was not the final result and sadly I do not have a picture of it but she was very creative!

I dug out my candy making supplies and made her chocolate tree pops for each of her classmates for Christmas. This would be the assembly line of her and pep putting the little bags on them and tying little bows lol. We love our time with her and came home thankful for family.

I finished my freebie I hooked from Kellie. I left out the little angel kitty as it was so small and getting lost. I needed to keep it small....

For this.I wanted it for the door of this little hanging cupboard.

My tree is decorated in mostly vintage ornaments.

I love how soft and pretty they are with age.

This is a small table top feather tree. It is a newer feather tree but older ornaments.

My most precious ones are on this tree.

This is a small piece of my mantle I put the little lamps on it this year and I am so pleased with it as this room tends to be very dark,

Another bit of my paper house village.

And my vintage Santa's. The Santa in the chimney is the last present my mother gave me. Today is 10 years since she passed away. While cleaning out her things I found it with my name on it.
I miss her everyday and have so much to tell her. She would love our Sweet B but sadly she never got to meet her.
A busy week ahead, I have cookies to bake and hopefully a few friends will stop by. Take time to enjoy the season. A cup of tea in a room lit with only Christmas lights, time to count our blessings. 


Ellen D. said...

I love all of your vintage things and the sweet memories they bring. I miss my mom also but talk to her a lot (sometimes right out loud!) when I want to share news I know she would love to hear about or a problem she could help me with. Enjoy your lovely holidays with family and friends! Thanks so much for sharing.

Saundra said...

Good heavens but your granddaughter is growing up. Love your snowman and it looks very nice hanging on the door.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your little snowman rug is perfect for your cupboard door.
Love all your decorating!!!
Making memories with Miss B. Priceless.

yaya said...

What a fun time with your Miss B and so many wonderful memories she'll have! Love all your decorations. It makes me want to come and sit and sip that tea and just enjoy the spirit of the holiday! That snowman rug is so adorable and what a perfect spot for it!

moosecraft said...

Being with the ones you love is what it's all about! :-)
Your Christmas tree is amazing! So many vintage pretties!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your home is so very festive !
It looks like you had a wonderful time with Miss B.
A cup of tea with only the twinkle of Christmas lights sounds perfect !

Prims By The Water said...

Sweet B is growing up..and boy do they grow up fast Your tree is just GORGEOUS next to your blue door. Love your Santas. Who don't like Santa...he is watching all to see if you are naughty or nice. WINK WINK...and we all want to be on his nice list right now. Janice

Prims By The Water said...

Sweet B sure is growing up..and they grow so fast. Your tree is just GORGEOUS next to your blue door! Love all those vintage ornaments. Plus who does not love Santa as he is watching to see who is good and bad. wink wink Janice

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Your home looks so festive and Sweet B is growing up too quickly!! She will always remember the special times like creating a gingerbread house with you! I love to see vintage ornaments - I have some from my parents and grandparents and i treasure them. Have a wonderful holiday!!

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Your decorating is wonderful. Going away so do not have much
,I plan on doing snowmen afterI get back
I like you punch Im just starting to do it I love it
I will be back and follow you

Chris Lally said...

Thank you for sharing these magical moments with us. A lovely, lovely post for this Christmas season!
And I miss my mom, too:(

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love your decorations!
Have a Merry Christmas ,Sweet B is growing up so fast.
Hugs cheri