Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Princess and the garbage?

Well after work I got a chance to hit a couple of thrift stores,I work again this Saturday but in trade I have Monday off. No yard sales on Monday and most of the thrift stores are closed so I guess I will have to do house work.
I got this fabric 4+ yards of fabric. the funny thing is my ottoman is on the left and the fabric is on the right. I feel a project coming on. Not sure what, but I am sure I will find something. I also got this cute vintage paper table cloth. I do believe there is a baby shower in my future.

This vintage S&P I think are headed for my booth. I also got magazines about 8 total spent 3.50

Then a trip to the dump I got this very vintage Christmas bulb I don't even care if it works I will put it in a bowl with my others at Christmas.

And also in the category of something you never knew you needed is a brookstone pasta "picker uper" but the handle has a little timer in it. put in type of pasta and how much you are cooking such as a l lb or 2lb and it will time it to medium or al dente. I tried to look it up but couldn't find it.

and while I was at the dump I saw this.

kinda like the princess and the pea thing. So if you sleep on it and feel the garbage under the mattresses does that mean you are the princess of the garbage pickers??? Well I do have my limits besides I am the queen!


vintagesue said...

hahahahaha. very sweet and funny post!!! i think those mattresses are artful. guess that makes me the princess of trash.
that bulb is so cool. score.
thanks for making me laugh. i can stop bloggin now and go to bed....but not atop all those!!! but i might dream of good trash.

moosecraft said...

Cute about the mattresses! That's a quite a few! The Christmas lightbulb is very unique... haven't ever seen one like that before.

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Now that I have found your blog I have added it to my list.
Love that mattress photo. Too cute.

lace & arsenic said...

LOVE the kitty bulb! i have never seen anything like that!...the mattress picture is priceless! and so are ur posts!