Monday, August 9, 2010

Ohh How I Love Tea.

First I want to welcome second hand rose to my followers. When I open my blog and see a sweet new face looking back from the followers I get so excited. I tell everyone at work and in my family. She is from the UK and it just so happens I went on an amazing garden walk of an English garden right here in new England on Sunday. It was very zen like and beautiful. This stack of stones has to be at least 5 feet high. We are going to try it in our garden at some point. (another to do thing on the list) The gardens were amazing a mother and son have planted this garden through out 20 years and have opened it to the public. I think he said 32 acres. That's a lot of trees and plants.

They also have animals this is a Scottish cow?? I think that is what he said something Scottish. There were peacocks, chickens of all kinds, goats, ducks,donkeys, well you get the picture.

And then my favorite part was TEA! Oh how I love a tea in the garden. She baked everything that morning scones with clotted cream and black current jam. Little cookies that melt in your mouth, And lovely English tea. This was so much fun. Years ago when we were in Jamaica for 10 days there was tea at 4 every day. I was always there. Sweet little cucumber sandwiches ohhh how I love tea. I guess I already said that.

I planted 3 tomato plants and this is my first harvest. We already ate one for dinner. My husband made a tomato and cheese omelet. He never cooks and when he does I am in heaven.

Then on the way home from tea we stopped at a yard sale and I found these. Perfect for my next tea.

I hear thunder in the distance it is muggy again so I hope this clears it out. So I guess I will get off the computer before it gets to bad.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I still get excited when I get a new follower! Congrats on #18!
I love that stack of stones. Share with us if you duplicate it, please.
The Scottish dude is just too cute. How on earth does he see?
Pug hugs :)

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you SO much for the personal welcome!
Loved reading about your garden visit - so glad you enjoyed tea :o) Can't spend a day without it!
The 'Scottish' cows are Highland Cattle - they're so beautiful aren't they?
Just love the dainty gloves too, just right for that special garden party :o)
Best wishes
Rose H

lace & arsenic said... if i could find a crossdresser's yardsale, with those gloves for sale!!!! lol..i have had such collections of dainty gloves, and so very rarely do any fit!! i have man size hands!!..i love the 3/4 length ones! so great with 50's coats, with the shorter sleeves! ...i ADORE those crocheted ones u posted! do they fit ur hands???? IM JEALOUS!! the tea tour was grand? isnt it amazing..the house front/drive, looks so unassumming! i STILL havent gotten there!! 32 acres! i cant even imagine doing my 3!! (altho, i have been thinkin of it!! lol)...glad u had a wonderful time! ...