Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cool, Clear, Perfect

I am going to start off with my favorite find. These animals are Iron I believe,they are so heavy.
I love them so much I may sell two and keep two. they were only .50 a piece. I got these from the thrift store. stay tuned I will show you later in the post what I did with the draft stopper. It is filled with balsam (but not any more) The pillow cases are in for a good soak.
These I plan to sell I got them cheap cheap cheap. The doll head is a bit creepy to me so I sure hope she sells

This is what I snagged at the dump. Now before you go all weird about the bath gel it was brand new and in original packaging. I like lily of the valley so I took it. The bag has new shoe laces, and there is a green metal fishing box. I have already sold one of these.
I got this light for .25 I like little lamps that can hang up, good for small places. The shade was from some where else and I like the cut and pierce look.

Ok now back to the draft stopper. I cut it open made little bags from the balsam and some muslin and then the hankies I have been buying lately I made into little envelopes stuffed the muslin bags inside and sealed it with a vintage button. Completely cute if you ask me and it smells wonderful. total price about .65 each. I am saving them for holiday gifts.

I got a couple of emails about my pizza on the grill. I started with frozen bread dough thawed out. (I use a charcoal grill and only a few lumps.) I grilled my veggies and then my dough I had stretched out. I put it on oiled foil first but after it cooked so it didn't stretch out any more I removed the foil and finished grilling it on both sides. Then I loaded it up with what I wanted, put the cover on the grill until my cheese melted and the sauce etc was hot. It was yum

The weather here is amazing cool clear perfect. So I got a few things done. Good night for a camp fire. I think I have a marshmallow or two to toast.


Thrifty Chic said...

I loove the iron animals they would like great in a garden or planter. The pizza is making me extremely hungry. Love you!

Unknown said...

We grilled pizza yesterday too, a la Under the Table and Dreaming. Yum! I love the iron animals! I would put them in my raised vegetable beds for a touch of whimsy. Good finds!

Rose H (UK) said...

Found your site from a comment you left on Monkeybox about the clowns! (I'd display them from a dumpster..)
Love your finds from the dump - especially the metal crittas - I'd be keeping the bird, frog and tortoise and sell on the snail as I already have too many in the garden!
Wish we could have things from the dump in the UK, but we'd get hefty fines for stealing from the council - go figure?
Oh! Your pizza looks delicious :o)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
LOVE the iron animals. I think you should keep ALL of them for your gardens.
Your hankie envelopes are very sweet.
Pizza looks yummy. Thanks for sharing!
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

..i feel like im getting such a treat today, getting to read 4 of ur posts!!...i'd keep all the animals. lol...and, the packets are DARLING!! is the lamp/shade...the pizza...ect, ect...i so dont want to go to the same sales as u! we wouldnt be friends! LOL...we'd be fighting over the same stuff!...u have good taste, ms. cathy! (thats, just a pat on my back too! lol)....