Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ok can you believe I have another new follower welcome, welcome I get so excited I still can't believe anyone would really want to read my blog! Does anyone else feel that way or do I have a major complex? It's cool and rainy here today. the rain is much needed but in all the weather the past week has been wonderful. My husband spotted this bird house or houses on the way to his sister's. I think he wants to make one this winter. It is cute but I could snazz it up a bit more. I had to work Sat so no yard sales boo hoo. I did get to a thrift store on Friday after work. I got this new bag of Cinnamon scented pine cones, great for fall decorating.
I got this hand quilted doll's quilt. Since I am having a grand baby girl I am going to dig out the doll bed that her great gramie use to play with and use this quilt on it.
The glasses are from Slovenia good drink glasses. I believe they are crystal.

A couple of weeks ago I got this string of lights for 1.00 now I had already put lights in this bird cage but I loved these so much I swapped it out. My husband would never admit it but I think he likes them too. He plugs them in when we are out on the porch.

In our Sunday paper there is an insert from the wall street journal. It has a title of " Ten money moves that will always pay off" So I skim down it and see credit cards blah blah insurance blah blah and THEN some thing I could sink my teeth into ha.

amateurs indeed! I bought my bread machine last year at a thrift store for 10.00 new never used. And since then I have seen them every where. Yard sales, thrift stores etc.
So I get out a bread machine book I picked up at a yard sale that is full of recipes.
and is it fate? I found New Hampshire White bread basic easy white bread. If you want it I will share it just leave me a comment.
I am in the middle of making pasta sauce and freezing my black berries on a cookie sheet and then putting them in a freezer bag so they won't be one big clump. Have a great week.


moosecraft said...

Bread machines are neat! Fresh baked bread also doubles as the best smellin' potpourri for your home! LOL! Love those bug lights!

RNNJ said...

I read your blog several times a week and thoroughly enjoy it. Woman after my own heart with more access to FREE stuff!
The bugs ARE cute.
I am interested in the NH white bread. Do post!