Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I got these two things at the dump on Wed. Nothing at all today at the dump. I really like the book(you all know my addiction) and the planter is a pretty blue green. I picked up a few things at the thrift store, the picture is stitched. I plan on making into a pillow at some point. I have 3 different ones now I think they will be pretty when I get them done.
The book is a snoopy cookbook that I plan to sell. The word game I had to take after looking at all the blogs with these kind of games made into banners. The flowers are from my husband he is still very sweet after all these year.
This is a close up of the planter box I think that is what you would call it. I plan on painting it and selling it.
I have had to work long hours this week and oh do I feel it. But the weather is pure Divine. Cool clear high 70's low 80's. There are a couple of yard sales this weekend and the weather is suppose to hold for several more days and best of all I have Monday off.

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lace & arsenic said...

...u will think im crazy, but, i think DID that crewel work!!! sure i was just one of thousands of people that did the same one, but, i did one almost identical, if not THIS ONE!...i have no idea where it went too...maybe ur hands!...(wouldnt that be wild?!)...i have to make something soon! im getting the itch! i LOVE that green planter box, how awesome! (of course i think it will be cuter white-ish. lol) good to see u yesterday! enjoy ur weekend! i lent kate my car, so i am homebound! (HAPPILY!) x0x00x0