Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Silver lining

Another hot hot day. What happened to our cool breezy nights with warm 80's low humidity days???? Last few years it rained most of the summer and was cold. I guess I am never happy.
My husband is roofing in this weather. (our daughter's) and I worry so much about him. I was born worrying. So I tried to stay busy. First I made this pillow. I got this at the dump in my daughter's town. It is a hand quilted place mat. I washed and ironed it, opened the bottom stuffed it with fiber fill I got at the thrift store (.50) and put tassels that were left over from another project.. total price .50 for a hand quilted pillow.
Then I went to one thrift store, to hot to yard sale. I bought a box of silver.

82 pieces of the same pattern (Rogers silver plate) plus 35 pieces of odds and ends that I will sell.

I spent some time cleaning them up but they still need some work. I just need a better silver polish. I have never had a nice set and this will be as close as I come. I have enough for 16 people but there are no butter knives. I really never set a formal table and this will be great for the holidays. The box cost 10.00 I will get that back with the odd and ends I plan to sell. I also got a few small things for my booth I will share later.
We rarely watch TV in the summer too busy or reading on the porch but today I watched a Sandra Bullock movie I had never seen Lake House. It was very sweet and sappy just right for a hot day with a nap thrown in.
keep cool


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
What a sweet pillow and what a deal on the silverplate. I have some great polish, but I'm not home and for the life of me can't think of the brand at the moment. I hate having CRS!!! I just hope I remember tomorrow and I'll let you know the name of it.
It's still hot and humid in Ohio, but I try not to complain too much because I absolutely despise the cold of winter.
Pug hugs :)

Thrifty Chic said...

I absolutely love the silveplate, what a great deal. Its funny when I saw that placemat I had no idea what you were going to do with it. It's adorable

lace & arsenic said...

...smartest woman i kno! damn! u need to write a book! im always amz'd by the things u think of!! who wou'da thought, to make a pillow outta a placemat?! perfect!...what a deal on the silver!

lace & arsenic said...

OH! PS! remember the pile of shutters/doors i picked up a few weeks ago? i FINALLY made the 'picnic' table outta the door! i found a set of super easy table legs at a yard sale, for 2.50, and finally picked up that door-size pc of glass at the dump! (it WAS a glass door! it still had the PUSH sticker on it! lol..just no wooden or stee frame) so screwed the legs/brackets on the corners of the door, flipped it over, put the glass on (one inch too wide, one inch too short, but, close enuf for me!) and DONE! still need to paint the wood,scrap some paint off the glass, but, the kids came up for a cook out yesterday (right after i put it together!) so i just thru a quilt over it! worked great!...just wanted to share! will take pics of it when im done painting!