Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Island In The Sun

I am going to start with showing you a find from the dump. But be warned vacation photos to follow. But don't leave I left the best for last. So if you want to skip the vacation I will never know.(but God will)
This water color was at the dump. professionally framed and in great shape. I took it out of the frame to inspect it and to see if any one hid money in the back. No money but a beautiful picture that I think will stay at my house.Now on to vacation. Here's Paul on his horse.

Here is where he hung the lanterns. Two of them!
And this is where he lived. Ah look his car is here shall we knock??

I knocked and he closed all the shades what kind of patriot is that? Ok Ok now you know we spend the weekend in Boston. We did the sights and I have lots of pictures of architecture I will show. We went to see the blue man group so fun I recommend it to anyone. We went on a duck tour. and was delayed getting back because a large tanker from Turkey(I think) full of liquid gas was leaving port so we got to see that process with the tug boats and coast guard.
While we were in the park with Paul and his horse. There was a wedding party that came in for pictures, the brides maids where in blue dress and carried bright yellow flowers. when the Bride raised her dress she had on bright yellow heels. I loved it! I wish I had a picture to busy eating gelato.this is in the north end of Boston and it is very much Italian. The food and the atmosphere are amazing.

Now back to the dump I got this today didn't find a date on the box, but the graphics are wonderful.
I especially like that the elephant has the bunny tied up?? The board is cute too I will show you that later. But my best find was an Island in the sun. Ohh how I love to be on an island with the tropical breezes and good fruity drink.

Brand new in the box. The box is soaked I will give it a good hosing and soap scrub after I get it blown up. I can't wait to get it in the water. I think I will lounge on the banana first while I drink my frozen banana daiquiri. Ahhh the good life on the cheap.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Visiting Boston is on my bucket list. I've been many places, but not east. I'd love to see pictures of the architecture.
Great graphics on the Game of India. What a great find.
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

isnt that barbar? the elephant?!...i remember him from long ago books?! the box! board must be adorable! ...AND how rude of paul not to open the door. LOL...feeling like i got a treat this AM, reading 3 posts of urs!...and what a lovely painting! i would keep it also!