Sunday, September 26, 2021

It Was Just A Dream..

Today was picture perfect. If you could bottle weather I would have bottled this one.

I did 4 miles this morning all the way to the farm. 
I just kept breathing deep, I wanted to remember this weather and the smell of fall, as I know it will not last forever.

On the way back I stopped at the old cemetery. I didn't dare walk to much in there as the ground looks unstable and I do not want to fall through anything if you get my meaning!

This young person died in 1847, 2 days before Christmas
18 years 1 month 19 days old. There is something written on the bottom but as I said I did not feel good about walking in there. I am sure they died from something that would be curable now. But you can not help think of the sadness this must of caused to lose someone so young.
I had 2 major dreams this week. And as far as I know I don't dream all that much. The first dream was about my death. Yes it freaked me out. A couple of days later I had a dream that husband and I were in this old broken down apartment. I am telling my husband we had made a bad decision moving and I wanted to go back.Husband is telling me it is to late! I was so upset I woke up hyper-ventilating. 
I did look up the meanings of the dreams. Both mean there are changes coming. I just hope those are not the changes yikes!!!

I cut some hydrangeas today, I took the old faded ones out made the room look fresher.

Just a quick picture of my Acorn Fairy. She seems to be taking forever, but then again I am not hooking much since I have been home from Star Island. (colors are not quite right in the picture)

Since Oct 1st is this Friday. (were does the time go?)
I pulled out some of my decorations. I added the hat and the sign. (If the broom fits ride it) I have that little broom collection out all the time.
I had my hair cut shorter than I have ever had it. I look like a human Q-tip! I have been fussing about it all week. And then I saw two different people I know that are in the throws of major memory issues. It was a huge wake up call! My hair will grow, their situation will not change for the better. I don't believe seeing them happened by chance. I mean really what are the odds I would see both people in the same day? And that day I was having the worst feeling about my stupid hair! What ever you believe, there has to be something larger than us!!
I hope fall has come to your area and you are enjoying great weather! 
Have a wonderful week!


Deb said...

Hi - I do believe that God sometimes sends messages in dreams, but not all dreams are messages from God. I usually don't remember my dreams, but when I do, I wonder if there is some message in the dream. Sometimes, there might be, but not always. In the past 2-3 years, I remember (and told my husband about) two dreams where our oldest daughter was divorcing, and then earlier this month, I found out that she was. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I believe that there is more to it. I hope you are getting used to your hair. Last time I had my hair cut short (during Covid) I wasn't happy with the results and have decided to keep it a bit longer. Hope you have a good week!

Saundra said...

At Cape May I saw a gal who has had long hair since knowing her. She would wear it in a bun mostly. This time she has short white spikey hair and she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

yaya said...

I had a dream that I had a baby and forgot to feed it! I woke up in a panic! I have had dreams where deceased family appeared and gave me a message. Those dreams were very different from regular stupid dreams! I hate when I'm not happy with my hair but thankfully it does grow back. Our weather has been wonderful too. Love this time of year!

Julia said...

Maybe your dreams came about because you were really affected by realizing that this could be you, having memory issues, and not liking your haircut. Having a bad haircut is pretty dramatic until it grows back again.

I've had a bad haircut that was totally different than what I asked for, and I came out of the hair salon, looking like a boy. I've never returned to get my hair cut and have been cutting my hair, myself ever since.

I think it was just a coincidence that you ran into these two ladies on the same day. Sometimes we dream about what's on our mind.

I sure hope that you'll be in tip-top shape for a long time, with a sharp memory as you are keeping fit as a fiddle.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh that road of yours....I feel as though I must have walked it in another lifetime. No, I do not believe in coincidences... and sometimes I think we need a jolt of reality to jerk us out of our "pity parties." Your acorn fairy is wonderful....It looks like you really have a lot done. I actually have gotten as far as dragging some wool out and a pattern I've been meaning to do, but stopped short of actually cutting any wool. Sigh. Love your little witchy display.... ~Robin~

Olde Dame Holly said...

I hope those dreams don't come true! Maybe it's just anxiety from the horrible pandemic finding an outlet. I hope so. Your Acorn Fairy looks so prim and pretty. Four miles of walking, that's a lot! I can barely walk a block. Bad knees. Yes, your hair will grow, but it is hard while it is growing. But suddenly, it will get to a length that "works" and that will be one less thing to stress you! I am sorry the stylist decided to turn you into a human Q-tip! I, too, was once turned into a human Jiffy Pop head.

TheCrankyCrow said...

....oh...and how could I possibly not mention that wonderful cemetery???!!! Wow!! I would be in there in a heartbeat. One of my favorite places and favorite past-times. This one looks amazing.

WoolenSails said...

I have had that type of house dream more than once, always a bad house and I am stuck in it, lol. Love the views on your walk, looks like some colors are coming in, won't be long. That Is a beautiful rug and fun for fall. And, yes, I have had bad days when I am upset with something and then see someone who has it worse than I and it puts things in perspective.


Saundra said...

Your rug is looking great and oh my, good for you doing 4 miles. And the weather is comfortable now making walking much more enjoyable.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hate when I remember dreams because they are never pleasant ones. Think positive...the changes coming are good ;-)
Love your Acorn Fairy. You will be done soon.
Yes, the hair will grow. We must remember to put things in perspective and be thankful each and every day.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.
You have some lovely photos of the things you have made and I'm going to add your blog to my reading list.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Congrats on the 4 mile walk, and what lovely weather you enjoyed and those colors🍁like you, I have had some dreams that were disturbing on awakening, and suspect it’s happened to many others as well. Hair cuts are sometimes like them or not and short hair will grow, as you said, but other serious issues will remain. My cut was also shorter recently, but it will soon be the length where the process will be repated. Many benefits to a shorter cut😀 Thanks for the comment on my blog, glad you were able to visit, but honestly have no idea as to why you would be banned as it wasn’t something I would do, except to spammers. That said, I will see if there’s anything that needs to be undone.