Tuesday, September 7, 2021

And Just Like That...

Summer turns into fall.

The wild asters are in bloom. 

It seems that it was a quick change 
The humid weather cleared out and the cool crisp air is
in place, my favorite kind of weather. If we could only have months and months of it.

The colors are starting to show on the trees and this 
stump had so many different colors of gray I had to take a picture.

The nights have been cool, it has been nice to sit
around the camp fire in the evening chatting. My brother has been here and is getting ready to go back to Mississippi. His area missed the hurricane but he was happy he miss the rain. 


Since the nice weather has come in and my brother is here, I 
spoiled him a bit with blueberry pie...

Home made rolls and beef stew tonight. 
I am getting ready to go to Star Island for a rug hooking retreat.
I am trying to get everything together it is a lot to remember.
But it will be so great to get back with friends and I will miss those who decided not to go. I will show more pictures of star and my new project in the next post. 
Have a wonderful safe week.



Deb said...

Looks like you had a delicious visit with your brother. Hope the rug hooking retreat goes well. See you again soon. :-)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I too am glad that fall is slowly arriving and the colors are what will be the most enjoyable to see this year, more so because of all the rain this summer. The blueberry pie and home baked biscuits looked like delicious accompaniments to a beef stew dinner.

Saundra said...

So happy your brother's home didn't get the wrath of Ida and your visit was memorable.
You are right about a lot to remember in preparing to attend a rug camp, particularly when it has been a couple years since attending one. Guess that is why I started preparing so early this time but I just might forget something anyway.

Julia said...

We're in Fall mode here also. The kids are back in school as of yesterday.
It's cool in the morning and the trees are starting to change color here as well. The gardens are looking fatigued and neglected since I've been so busy inside. Weeds are in seed and the lawn need cutting.

Your food looks inviting and I'm glad that you had a nice long visit with your brother and that he was safe from the hurricane. That fire in the fire pit also looks inviting.

Take care, hugs,

Prims By The Water said...

Yum stew and rolls sound good right now. Glad you are having some family time with your brother. Have fun on the island too at your retreat. Take pics if you can. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy Star Island is a go!!!
Safe travels and happy hooking.

yaya said...

Family visits are so fun! I'm glad your brother was able to visit. We have cool temps right now and I'm loving it! Enjoy your trip and being with your friends! Sounds like great fun!

TheCrankyCrow said...

We've cooled way down as well...especially in the evenings/nights...although today was actually summer-like. Your stew and homemade rolls sound amazing. Something about a chill in the air that stirs the desire for homemade food and baked goods. Glad your brother was able to visit...and his home is safe. Looking forward to your photos of camp...I have to live vicariously, you know. ~Robin~

Jennifer Gail said...

I have got really behind on my reading but I love your stump so much. Please come and visit me in TN and bring some rolls:)