Sunday, September 19, 2021


Bright and early Monday morning we headed out to my most favorite place Star Island! 
Our first Sunset

Moon over chapel 

Beautiful no matter where you look. 
It is a small island whose only access is by boat.
So as a rug hooker we have to pack smart.

There were monarch butterflies every where! 50 to 100 at a time!
I will have more pictures to show later it seems my computer does not want to down load all the pictures. I will try again very soon.

And then this happened her first real riding lesson.
Can you see love there?? Oh my heart! She texted me the minute she was done. I called right away so exciting when the world is great for a child! She learned to trot un-tethered, the teacher felt she was a natural.  


 I have continued to walk and walk. I have lost 45 lbs because of a health issue that I no longer have from the weight loss. I do feel better. And the weather is just wonderful!!!

And my same old route is slowing changing into fall. 

So for tonight I will leave you with a wooly funny. 
Have a great week!   
               I will post soon when I finally get the picture issue solved.


TheCrankyCrow said...

It must be rug camp make the 5th person I know of going to or recently returned from camp. I am not familiar with Star Island...will have to research it but, yes, it looks beautiful. And "awwww" on the Miss B photo...nothing quite like the love between a girl and her horse. Things are turning quickly here but, believe it or not, today we were in the mid 80's. Yikes! (And it's 8:30 at night and I still have shorts on and windows open....) To think that by the end of the month we will have frost. ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

What's not to love about this post?
Star Island looks like heaven on earth!!!
Yes, you can see the love on Miss B's face. So sweet.
45 pounds. That is terrific!!! Keep up the good work and how great the health issues was resolved.
Love the woolly funny.
Looking forward to more from Star.

Deb said...

Star Island is beautiful. How 45 pound weight loss with walking - you are my hero!! I love that picture of your cute granddaughter. Hope you have a good week. :-)

Julia said...

This post is full of wonderful things.
Miss B. looks like she and the horse are one. I can definitely see the love bond between them.

Wow!!! 45 pounds is an amazing weight loss. Congratulations and job well-done girl.
Have fun at Atar Island. It looks like a great place for a retreat.

Thanks for the cartoon. That is a great one.

Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

yaya said...

What a beautiful place to go...Star island...Love the name! Miss B looks like she found the best treasure! Such happiness on her face! 45lbs is quite the accomplishment! Congratulations! Fall is coming this week officially and I'm ready! Enjoy your hooking camp!

Olde Dame Holly said...

WOW! Able to trot so quickly does indeed make her a natural. That's by far the hardest gait to master, and she's trotting already! How wonderful that she is taking riding lessons. That's something she will be able to treasure her entire life. Your weight loss is amazing. I am happy for you! And Star Island - just beautiful! I like that moon photo very much! Can't wait for more Monarch butterfly pics, too!

Prims By The Water said...

Sweet B is a natural! Hope you are having a fantastic time on the island! Janice