Sunday, January 24, 2021

What A Room!

I am trying to take each day as it comes so today I am happy!

Today was the first day I got to move some things into my new rug hooking room/studio! I need to get some t-pins to hang my rugs as the pins I used for this just bent. But yes my cork board with the rug that started it all! My very first piece, it is so heavy. I put so much wool into that rug, poor thing, it is a miracle it didn't break.
This is twin bed that we keep for company AKA Sweet B our grand.
I face timed her today and she is going to pick out some new linens for this bed and send me the link. The bear is Hattie that was her mothers and Hattie waits patiently for her to sleep over.

I have a place for my cutters to set up and lots of wonderful light.

and shelves lots and lots of shelves! I haven't put much in but I was able to sit and hook in here a bit late this afternoon. ( I just noticed this was before the shelves under the window was done) 

And I also have a tv that I used for music while cleaning up the dust.
and I put my DVD player on it so I can watch my girly movies while hooking. 
So other than my hooking room not much happening. My friend and I usually have a good long talk at least once a week and we are beginning to feel like ground hog day. The same conversation over and over each week. our lives are so the same all the time.

We are as cold as we have been all winter. with the wind blowing pretty hard. I tried walking today but the wind was blowing pretty hard (-12)and the trees were doing a lot of cracking which freaked me out. I got 2 miles in better than nothing. 
I have a blog anniversary coming up next week on the 27th. 11 years I can hardly believe it! I still love blogging so look for a giveaway of some sort next week. 
Have a wonderful healthy week!


WoolenSails said...

Love how your room is coming out and the shelves are wonderful.
Did your husband build those? I keep telling Bill that I need full shelving and tables built in, now I have too much furniture and it just gets cluttered. Looks like winter has set in, so I am trying to keep busy with projects and waiting for Spring.


Hill Top Post said...

Oh my goodness, "What a room" for sure! It's all that wonderful shelf space that I am admiring. And, your very first piece! It must be all that wool that makes it so beautiful. What fun your Sweet B will have when we comes for a sleep over. It is creepy to walk through the woods when the wind is blowing. I am afraid a tree or large limb might come down on me. And, of course, I love the Henry David Thoreau quote. He's my go to guy when I need a quote.

Saundra said...

What a wonderful room you have!! You will get those shelves filled in no time at all. Hoping for more photos as your wool and rugs take possession of the space. Happy hooking.

JustGail said...

"what a room!" is right - those shelves are gorgeous and once the wool is in them, even better.

Julia said...

A very functional and beautiful hooking room with everything at your fingertips. You are lucky to have 2 cutters. What kind of cutters are they and what size strips do you use in your rugs. Miss B. will love to come to visit and stay in such a bright room.
I'm looking forward to seeing your wool all organized on the shelves.
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

Those built in shelves are magnificent!!!
That is an impressive first rug. How long ago was that?
Hard to believe it's almost 11 years that you've been blogging. I think I've been along for the ride most of that time. Time flies when you are having fun (and even when you're!)
Two miles in that cold? You are an awesome woman for sure ;-)

yaya said...

Awesome! The shelves are fabulous and having a creative space for yourself is sure to keep the winter blahs away. Miss B will enjoy this space too and being able to pick out the linens is a fun thing for her. I don't go into our woods when it's windy. Don't want a big limb or tree to fall. Jack calls that "widow makers" and I won't let him up there either! Enjoy your space and your week!

Olde Dame Holly said...

What a wonderful hooking room, and how special to have a grand-daughter who gets to sleep over! I wonder what look she will pick for her bed.

Nellie said...

I know nothing about hooking a rug, though I would imagine it would take a proper place to do it! You must be happy with what has evolved for you now!

Prims By The Water said...

Your room is looking better each time you post! Love all of those shelves. Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

And what a GLORIOUS room it is you lucky thang! Your built-ins are just drool-worthy. I had wanted built-in's in my room downstairs, but the estimate we was nutty crazy...even for this nutty crazy person. I bought some old kitchen cabinets, but have not gotten them in yet since I haven't gotten the boxes and stuff out of there that were put in during the Great Flood of WWR. Lucky Miss B to be surrounded by all your wonderful rugs when she finally gets to sleep over again! Love the bear!! And that is an ambitious rug for a first rug. Wow....very impressive. Hope your week got off on a good foot. ~Robin~

Donna said...

....I am so so happy about your new hooking room. It looks absolutely wonderful with so much space and light and shelving. 2 can purchase stretcher bars for hanging your rugs on the wall...they arevery inexpensive They are used for stretching capets to the floor.. I put some up in my work area. They work great.
Miss you...Donna

moosecraft said...

Your new room is looking awesome! Natural light and shelving are beautiful things! :-)

yaya said...

Hi Cathy...I did not email you. I was hacked so don't open any emails from me! I've changed my passwords and such. Sometimes I just hate technology. Anyway, sorry if this confused or caused you any trouble. Hopefully I can get this straightened out. Thanks!

Jennifer Gail said...

Love your room. We reached 60 degrees yesterday!

Buttercup said...

Love all of those shelves! I was thinking I need more books shelves, but practical me said I need to divest more books. For once I am listening to practical me. Take care and keep cozy!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

How grand to have your very own workspace with lots of storage as well. Being able to watch movies and/or listen to music is also a nice plus. And asking your granddaughter to select bed linens and coverings was a nice idea too.

Robin Leuschen said...

Oh my goodness that room !! That shelving !!! Love it 🥰🥰🥰

Kay G. said...

Your hooking room is fabulous, just like heaven to me! I manage 2 mile walks per day but mine are all just marching up and down the room, so much rain this January! Take care!

Farm Girl said...

I love your new room! That is so pretty, I love those white shelves! I am sure it will be so much fun with all of your stuff in one place. I had to laugh about your first rug and it being so heavy. Mine is too, so heavy.
That is cold and I would have been freaked out with the trees cracking too.
I hope you have lots of projects lined up get to hook in that lovely room. I love that window where you have your cutters.
I hope you have a nice week.