Sunday, November 29, 2020

Eye, Eye

I woke up very early this morning not sure why, not a work day.
I was so glad I did! That is Venus peeking out of the pines. 
The wind was completely calm just beautiful. 

But it was icy! We had rain overnight and then the temps dropped.

When I walked this morning there was black ice on the pavement, I was glad to get to the dirt road to walk 4 hilly miles.

Sat was nice so husband cleaned windows so we can see Santa when he is in the neighborhood!

And he decorated the outside a bit. And do you know what I did?I headed for the Woolen Pear (Pam Bartlett) for a wool fix. And what a good fix it was! I am going to be working on a larger rug and was looking for some help color planning. She was very helpful and had wonderful wool! 

I put our little feather tree up when I got home. We moved our seating around from one side of the house to the other and pretty much closed down 1/2 of the house on the main floor. It was all so we could enjoy the fireplace in this room this winter. So worth it! But no room for our large tree. But this one is doing nicely.

New Year's eve is done and bound. I made the clock a wall clock so you could see the midnight he was celebrating. You cannot see the pink champagne in his glass or the little pink bubbles floating from the glass but trust me it is there. I really love this rug and it was a joy to work on. My blog friend did the same rug (click here) and she has just finished her's also. It is fun to see the different way we did the same rug. 

I just finished this little chair pad today while watching my Patriots squeak out a win. I will finish this and it maybe a Christmas gift.

I treated myself to Doreen Frost's holiday letter. It was filled with recipes and lots of creative ideas. I love getting fun mail and it was a wonderful! 

When husband and I walked tonight we saw the moon rising! This
picture does nothing for the amazing sight of the moon tonight! It was just rising and it was still bright yellow from the reflection of the setting sun, breath taking!
Thanksgiving was just husband and I. I baked a chicken and today with the leftovers I made chicken pie. Very good if I do say so myself.

And speaking of Thanksgiving sigh... I started seeing floaters in my left eye on Tue late afternoon. But by Wed evening I was seeing flashes of light. Thanksgiving it was worse. So I called the 800 number for a nurse though my insurance. She said do not wait call your eye Dr group. Well I did, he called right back and saw me within an hour. (they are 45 to 50 minutes from them!) At this point I am scared! Really scared! He dilated my eye and did a very though exam. And good news! I am just getting old! No tears in the retina or detachment. He assured me I did the right thing and any change he wanted to see me again. I never do anything easily.
So for this Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for. My blessings are many. 
I hope no matter how you celebrated you took time to count your blessings we all have them. 
Have a wonderful week!


Donna said...

Who knew that being old was a good thing! Lol.Happy that you had a good visit with Pam and you got your wool-on! A great blog post my friend...always enjoy this read. Miss you,,Donna

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh!! Where to begin?! So much good packed into this post. Beautiful skies and views as always...and love the long, tree-lined, road...they've always been one of my favorite things. Beautiful job on your new year's Saundra's too...and, yes, so fun to see different interpretations of the same design. I especially like that you did a black bear and she did a brown bear LOL. Can't wait to see what this "large" rug is you are planning...yikes, if it's "large" by your standards, it must be ginormous! Beautiful feather tree...perfect framed in that window. And, gah! That pie looks amazing!!! One thing I think I miss the most about having no Thanksgiving is not having any leftovers either. :-( ~Robin~ (PS....does your hubby hire out on that window-washing deal???)

WoolenSails said...

I love going outside in the middle of the night or early, the stars are always so beautiful.
Our moon was beautiful tonight but the trees were in the way and I was too tired to go to the beach when I got home.
Your decorations look wonderful, I need to pull out my boxes and get going. I get floaters and flashers, once I went on lyme treatment, they went away, that is what caused mine, but I still get them on and off.


Saundra said...

Yikes, 4 miles and on icy're braver than me. I've had floaters and flashes and they are always very scary ~ very smart to get it checked out immediately to calm your fears. It is fun to see how we each interpret a rug and color choices each of us make. Can't wait to see your next rug in progress and the wonderful colors you chose. I KNOW it will be wonderful.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Early this evening the moon was AMAZING!
I adore that big feather tree. I wish I had one that size.
A wool fix is always good for the soul. I'm looking forward to what's up next. The bear sure is a fun rug. You, too, hooked that quickly.
So happy there are no eye issues!!!

Deb said...

I had that very same thing happen to my left eye last summer. It was very scary and alarming, but just like you, the eye doctor said it is just a sign of aging - not that I was really excited about that, but I was so relieved that I wasn't losing my vision and did not have a detached retina. I love the rugs and your quiet Thanksgiving, which was much like ours. Beautiful early morning pictures. Have a good week. :-)

Olde Dame Holly said...

So glad the eye was okay. Our sight is so precious. Speaking of that, thank you for sharing so many lovely photos. I have never seen icy ferns on a window like that, in real life. I have to enjoy by pictures. I love photos because my eyesight is so poor. With photos, I can blow them up and look at them from different angles and see what something really looks like. I LOVE the feather tree. It's breathtaking!

Julia said...

I've had the same eye issues as you and you're right, it's pretty scary, and seeing the optometrist was a good thing to do.

You are so smart to walk 4 miles every day. I wish I had your drive to go walking. I never could my husband to come for walks with me. We have a beautiful walking trail that goes for miles. When I worked at the farm I walk a lot every day.

That chicken pot pie looks so good.

I'm glad that you got your wool fix. It's very important for rug hookers to treat yourself once in a while. Your house is starting to look festive. I better get going decorating mine. I feel so lazy since my thyroid is in slow motion. I might need to have my medication dosage increase.

Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

So very glad your eye is alright. I so love your feather tree. How beautiful it must be in person especially at night! Of course your rugs are always so wonderful. I wish there were wool stores in my neck of the woods. I always have to order online. Janice

Buttercup said...

So glad all is well with your eye. I see a retina specialist and have come to really appreciate my functioning retinas in the last few years. Thankfully, mine have stayed stable. Love New Year's Eve.

yaya said...

We had wonderful weather too over the weekend but got the winter storm today. Your rug is adorable and I love the colors. I'm so glad you're eye is good. A few years ago Jack had some eye trouble and it turned out to be a retinal detachment! He has the worst luck with health sometimes. Mostly he's good though and I'm glad we finally have him home. Stay safe and warm and I hope your weather doesn't get too bad!

Jennie in GA said...

You definitely did the right thing with the eye. My DH had a torn retina with emergency laser surgery. Fortunately it turned out well, but never take a chance with your vision. Love your guys did great jobs with them. You are so fortunate to be able to shop for wool locally. None anywhere near here. Stay safe on the roads!!