Sunday, November 1, 2020

A November Visit

Sadly our beautiful fall is coming to an end.
There is even less leaves than this now.
And this was before it all went away.

We had some snow it was gone by lunch. It is a bit to early for snow but still pretty.

And through it all these roses keep blooming.

They are the only thing left blooming.

Last week I spent some time weeding out my closet of wool
I feel like it is a bit better.(this is only half the closet) The plan is for husband to do some built ins this winter if all goes well and the price of lumber doesn't keep going up.

I have been working on this rug for much to long. I have taken out most of everything and re-hooked them. But good enough now I am done pulling out. Plus I am using a smaller cut than I usually use.

We went trick or treating with sweet B, there were maybe 1/3 the amount of kids trick or treating and lots of houses not giving out candy. But those that did were very inventive. 

Candy chute, you place your bag under and the candy drops in.

I know this is very blurry but this guy was standing on a metal roof doing the candy chute one slip and he is off that roof!

We got up early with the time change and while having coffee she came for a visit. She has been around here most of the summer but now she can't hurt anything so have at it.
We are sticking very close to home now. Our generator is getting installed slow but sure. It will be so nice to not worry about an in coming storm making us lose power.
Have a healthy happy week!


Julia said...

You say that it's only half of the wool closet. It's still a lot of wool. I got rid of a lot of my wool as too much wool made me feel overwhelmed.
I only saw three little kids and an adult dressed up for trick or treating on our way home from town yesterday. Nobody decorated their house around here this year. I didn't even bother to decorate the house as we don't get visitors on account of Covid-19 except for a family of deers. lol...

You had snow and we are having rain. I like rain better I think.

Take care, stay safe, and well and hook on.
Hugs, Julia

Donna said...

Love those roses. They are bringing joy for you with their blooms. Damn your wool stash looks so organized good job. Muss B is growing so fast...adorable.
Have a good week. Donna

yaya said...

Welcome November and I love the snow pic! Yes, too early but maybe it will be a mild winter. We had snow flakes too. I was just thinking that we had no snow in October and bam! the snow came in flying! Miss B is adorable and I hope she had fun. Ours had to trick or treat in rain on Thursday. If the town would have done it yesterday they would have had a perfect day...warmer and sunshine. I love the shoot idea. Fun and safe! Take care Cathy!

WoolenSails said...

I noticed a lot of bare trees yesterday in the same areas, we went to last week. I think the snow storm knocked a lot of leaves down.
We still have areas that are just turning, so I think I will see more in the middle areas now. It is fun to see how everyone did halloween and the creative ways people handed out candy. We never get kids now, so miss the fun of seeing them, but since we are on an upper level, a pain to go down to the door. I have a large white cubby I found on sale, great for wool, but the rest is still in boxes.


Saundra said...

It is too early for snow (for me), but the only snow I would welcome is what you have...the kind that will be gone the next day. You're getting as good with reverse hooking as I am, lol.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy you got to trick or treat with sweet B. Very creative methods for getting candy!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your roses are fantastic! Wow!! Everything here is done, done, done....and gone, gone, gone LOL. I love the green pumpkin in your hooking project. I still haven't picked up my hook....but am stitching a little. Going to have to get back to it or I will slip into that rabbit hole I've fallen in before. You will love the back-up generator. Where we are, when the power goes out, if it doesn't come back on within 10 minutes, it is going to be out for a long, long, while. The worst was several years back when we had a freak ice storm a few days before Christmas....We were without power (and, therefore, heat) for DAYS. We couldn't go to a hotel because we had was horrible. ~Robin~

Hill Top Post said...

It has certainly been a beautiful fall there. Your pictures are wonderful. I love the snowy one! I think our fall colors are as good as they are going to be this year. Even though we have already had a couple of frosty mornings, our grass is still green, so I think there will be one more mowing. Your new rug is gorgeous. There is no way I can make anything without redoing things that don't please me.

Jennie in GA said...

Love your rug...sometimes you just have to give up a on frogging and go with what you’ve got. Cute grand...glad there was some trick or treating going on. It is gun hunting season here and I haven’t seen our deer family in over a week. Even though they are a nuisance, I worry.

Jennie in GA said...

Like your rug. Know what you mean about enough on ripping out. Sometimes you just need to go with it. The grand is a cutie...glad there was trick or treating!