Sunday, November 15, 2020

Lovely Weather

Our weather has been so lovely...

And some of the sunsets and sunrises have been spectacular!

On Nov 10 we got the kayaks loaded and headed for the water. An unheard of date in NH!

We were the only 2 there, even the loons and ducks had left.

It was so relaxing and wonderful so good for the soul after listening to the covid numbers for the state. NOT GOOD!

I have been walking a lot! and I have changed the way I eat so I have shed a few pounds and I am feeling better, more energy. 

When I walk I try to pick up things that catch my eye. Today we walked with our daughter and family. I saw these sweet little cones.
I have other things to add but I added balsam oil to it and it smells like Christmas! 

This is my New Year's bear, I am enjoying this pattern so much.

His nice cozy bed.

And his window...

His lantern...

I am not happy with the brown I started for the floor and the pink champagne needs some help but that will come.

I thought this summed up Covid so true.

The weather has turned and we are cold now. We are expecting high winds and very cold air coming in tonight. We have the fireplace going and the generator is all installed in case of a power outage. We are good!  I usually read a couple of sappy Christmas books during the season. This book is very different from others I have read and I am really enjoying it. and a new Early American Life. Life is good!
Have a wonderful week and stay healthy.
PS the night picture from my last post was not my picture It was a free internet picture. 


TheCrankyCrow said...

Ohhhh....I'm loving your New Year's Bear!! His bed looks so comfy and inviting LOL....and his "union suit" is such a beautiful red. Still haven't found the desire to hook. Hope that changes soon. Our "fair" weather left many days ago. Cold and incredibly windy here (think I heard wind gusts of 50 mph??) For some reason the wind makes me anxious. I'm always on edge when it's windy. Will be a more-sleepless-than-even-usual night here me thinks. Beautiful skies in your first two photos! (And glad you mentioned the photo in your last post....I apparently totally missed that post. I have been having some major issues with delays in posts (both mine and others) showing up in my reading list...I check to see if there are any new posts showing up and there aren't any, only to discover posts "popping up" out of nowhere hours/days later.....Oh to see what I missed.) ~Robin~

Julia said...

What spectacular skies and the water is like a mirror, so peaceful looking. My daughter and her family do a lot of kayaking but I never tried it. Your nature picking looks very Christmassy. I bet it puts you in a Christmas mood.
The bear rug is looking fantastic.
Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

LOVE your adaptation of the design. Isn't this a happy fun rug to hook? I'm still struggling with the lantern myself and since I'm the queen of 'reverse hooking' there may be more of that before the rug is done.

Your kayaking on the calm water looked enjoyable and glad you had that before weather turns bad.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am loving your New Year's bear, too. So sweet.
High winds here today and the worst thunderstorm I have ever driven through. Thankfully it lasted only a couple minutes because I could not see well enough to pull over. I was just able to make out the white lines and not run off the road. SCARY!
Gorgeous sunrise and sunset pictures!

WoolenSails said...

I do love the sunsets in the fall and the stars are so much brighter. I was tempted to go kayaking, but we always seem to get winds and I hate wind, lol. Love your bear, the tis a cute pattern.


Prims By The Water said...

What a fun hook your bear seems to be. The glitter does sum it up very well. Beautiful sunsets too! Janice said...

Love EAL magazine!!! Thanks for the rug and nature pics. I walk woodland trails almost daily with nothing more than a dog and my thoughts

moosecraft said...

How cute! A bear in long johns! *smile* Love it!
Beautiful sunrise too.... can't recall ever seeing that much purple before....pretty!
Being outside in nature when it is cold is so refreshing... I think that folks that stay indoors all winter are missing out on so much beauty!
Today's high will be 39 here in Central NJ... While I'm enjoying it now... by February I'll be sooooo tired of being!

Jenn said...

Windy here right now. I love little pinecones.

Olde Dame Holly said...

I love the natural materials for decorating, too! So simple and so lovely.

Donna said...

Pictures of your landscape are gorgeous. Your roadside treasures will make a bowl smile. So nice you were able to walk with your daughter and family. Great job on your bear pattern...he is adorable. Donna