Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Porch With A House Attached

Very true around here I do not want to hear it lol.

Another week, another hike, This is Page Pond. 
My friend and I hiked this for the first time. 


This is an old dam from a saw mill that operated in the 1800's 

We kept seeing these down branches covered with mushrooms so pretty and I am not sure I have seen that many before.

And we saw this it looks like someone had already broken it but still it is very beautiful. That is a lot of work that's for sure.
This is the first time we have gotten turned around a bit. My friend had a map that was not much help and the signs not so much either. 
My big problem was I had walked 4 miles with hills and all before I headed out so I was very tired by the time I got out. 

This is the blue that I dyed this week. I am trying to clean out my wool closet and I am dying wool that I would never use as is. 

I did two different batches of dye for the same color wool 
one was a charcoal the other a purple. It came out pretty well and colors that I would use. 

I heard the quote that Rutherford B Hayes said when building his house. "I want a porch with a house attached" Just how I feel.

The leaves are now brown and falling from the trees so we will have to tuck our porch in for the winter.

We live on this porch we have our morning coffee and we eat our dinner out there. We spend every spare minute that we have there. But sadly when the cold weather sets in we have say good bye to it until spring. Sad

My sweet Donna (husband's cousin) and my room mate when we go to any rug hooking retreat is sending out happy Mail!!! 
She hates when I say we are related by marriage. She just wants me to say we are cousins,really we are cousins of the heart I love her to pieces. We re-met at a family reunion years ago, we clicked and have been in touch and laughing since!

She painted all of this!!!!

She has so much talent, she does it all! I am in complete awe of her always. Click here to visit her blog. She has inspired me to send out happy mail this winter when we are all shut in. Really who wouldn't like getting happy mail?
I got a new box grater and second swipe I caught my thumb pretty good. OHHHH it hurt! and it is very slow healing it is right on the bend of my thumb. 
We will trick or treat with sweet B this year again but not join my son in law's family at his grand mother's. She does such a nice job of feeding everyone and so nice to visit with the family.We will really miss it. We had our zoom appointment with husband's Boston Dr. He said lay as low as you can so we are. 
We are going into cooler, rainier weather this week sigh we are headed into w-i-n-t-e-r I spelled it out so Lauren wouldn't see it lol.
Have a great week everyone!


yaya said...

Your friend reminds me of my friend Donna who used to blog and I think I found your blog from hers years ago. She's also an artist and her style is similar to your friend's. I will visit that blog after I'm done commenting. I applaud your stamina to hike all those miles! Whew! I would be sad also to say bye-bye until Spring to your beautiful porch. We were able to spend more time this year on our deck because we had hardly any mosquitoes this summer. I so want to screen it in but we have other projects to do first. I may go back to work a few days a week this Winter and maybe that extra cash will go to a screened in area...hmmm..have a good last week of October and enjoy trick or treats with Miss B. It's been the best fall ever. I have friends that live in Bath, Maine and they said the trees are looking rusty now since most of the color is past. I thought that was a good description!

Hill Top Post said...

We all may need happy mail before this winter is over. It seems so many are dreading winter more than ever - possibly because we have been shut-ins for so long because of the virus. Your lovely porch will be waiting for you when the first warm wind blows in the spring.

TheCrankyCrow said...

How I have always envied those with large porches!!! I can't say we don't have a porch because there is something outside our front door that pretends to be one, but you'd be hard pressed to fit a chair on it....and it takes the full brunt of whatever we are getting usually as it faces north. I do have a simple swing at one end that I enjoy....except one of my skeletons has taken up swinging lately. ;-) I love that old dam...something about old stonework that just tugs at stone walls. Hmmm...interesting question which I would take first, a stone wall or a large porch LOL. I think your wool turned out wonderfully!! I typically don't use much, if any, purple in my hooking...but that just screams Halloween to me... And wow your cousin-at-heart truly spoiled you... I'd say she has a talent!!! Sunday blessings ~Robin~

WoolenSails said...

Looks like you still have some nice color. Ours is popping in Ct and some here.
Love the wool colors, those came out beautifully, I had plans to dye this summer and never go around to it.
I still use a box grater and always getting my fingers, ouch.


Deb said...

That was a beautiful fall hike you went on. I love hiking as well. Utah turned from fall to winter this weekend with snow, wind and bitter cold temperatures. I love your porch. We have a nice back patio, but a screened in porch would be great. Hope you have a good week!

Saundra said...

What a great porch and I'd live out there too to hook, watch and listen to nature and smell fresh air. Well, except winter time, lol.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

I will never tire of your fall photos. Living in a place where we don’t have the true definition of seasons, I love visiting the fall leaves by blogs. My mother is from Maine and talks still after many years in Arizona of the fall changing and the glorious majesty of it all. Our porch is just becoming inhabitable as yours is not. We are getting out cushions and eating breakfast outside again. Ending our day there as well. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.

Prims By The Water said...

We eat out on our porch in the Summer, but so wish it was covered. I have always wanted a covered porch. So love them. Yours is so inviting too! I watch North Woods Law and was wondering if they film in your part of the state? Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

What sweet happy mail from Donna!
Your wool turned out beautifully.
Love that porch of yours. My son jokes that he bought a garage with a house attached.
Yes, we don't want to think about "W".
I hope your thumb hurries up and heals. OUCH!!!

Julia said...

Your wooded area is so inviting. I think a screened porch is a great asset to a house. It's a great place to gather, eat, and hook rugs during warmer weather. You are very lucky.
I was going to take fall color pictures but never got around to it. I always seem to be preoccupied with something that needs my attention more.
Your friend is very talented and her little creations are so cute.

Hopefully, the colder temperatures will keep the Covid-19 virus down.
Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Donna said...

Always enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of the beautiful landscape you are surrounded by. I never tire of any of it. How beautiful nature is...with those branches with mushrooms growing on them. Gosh your dyed wool looks great. Thanks so much for giving my blog a boost! You are the best and some one of these days I'll come and sit on that lovely porch of yours. Donna

Farm Girl said...

How lovely to have a walk like that. Yes, giving up my porches was tough. We lived on them as well. We are planning on building another porch on this house in the spring. I agree with Rutherford B. Hayes. That is the best way to live, on the porch.
My grandparents had a huge porch on the front of the house they lived on, and we never went in the house.
So many mushrooms. I loved seeing them. Your wool colors are very nice. I am hooking much more now that its cooler.
I hope you have a wonderful time with Miss B and being with her.