Sunday, October 18, 2020

A Fallish Halloween

Are you sick of fall pictures yet? This fall has been just glorious. And I have seen a lot of falls! My daily walk on this road just keeps getting prettier and prettier. 
I love quotes by John Muir and other naturalist. 
There has been an explosion of hiking in our beautiful White Mt.s since covid hit and some of it with awful results. 
But what I see now and then is people walking or hiking on these beautiful roads and mountains with ear pieces in. It drives me crazy!!!
Listen to the wind in the trees, some trees are so close together they squeak when the wind blows from rubbing against each other. Or the song of a bird, the chatter of a chipmunk well you get the idea why be there if you are not going to be present?  

Even when I get in the car for my 10 minute ride home from work no radio goes on, I want to think my thoughts in quiet before I get home. I listen to music and people all day. There is just so much noise sometimes.

We are finally getting much needed rain so the leaves are staring to come off the trees. It gives me such joy to walk through them and hear the swish and crunch they make, makes me think of being a kid. 

While I am not ready for snow we got a little bit this week.
further north they got 4 inches. A sign of what is to come. 
We are having an on demand generator installed. When we ordered it it said it was 12 weeks back ordered. Husband got an email this week 2 weeks in and it is on its way!!! We lose power a fair amount and this is long overdue. It is pricey as we are having it wired right into the house so when power fails it starts up in seconds to keep us going. When we lose power we lose everything! The down side of living in the woods. So happy it will be up and running before our winter storms.

This is my brother in law he hosted a family Halloween party today

And this is his lovely wife lol. They do such a nice job and it was good to see everyone. We social distanced and wore a mask when we couldn't. We do not do much so it was so nice! And the weather was great!

This is farmer husband. Lots of laughs and just plain fun.

I am almost done with my sheep pillow I have to get an insert or stuffing.
And this would be a finished Jack's crow. The color is a little off just couldn't get it right.

And this is my newest rug taken from In praise of Autumn by blackbird designs. I am changing it up some and I am not keeping the gray pumpkin it is a work in progress.

This post has been long enough so I will head on down the road for now, have a wonderful healthy week!


Donna said...

Halloween party sounds like so much fun. Farmer Dave looks great. I love your hooked projects...especially Jack Crow. You are a true lover of nature. You sure have great landscape around you.
Love your post and miss you.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh I never tire of looking at photos of autumn....and since ours is officially over (leaves on their way to Kansas at this point) and snow on the ground....I will savor yours. Yes, this year the trees were especially pretentious in their show of colors...a bit disconcerting in some ways??? I had hoped to get back to the lake for the full fall colors, but it wasn't in the cards, so I missed them in their prime. I caught a preview, but that's it. You really are a hooking machine LOL. Me...I have seemed to have misplaced my hooking mojo. I did go to my wool dealer ( ;-) ) today finally and chose some wools for my "Jack's Crow," but it is so late at this point that I doubt I will start it this fall....That would mean putting a long abandoned stitch project back in the closet...and The Beast on hold for another indeterminate amount of time.... But we will see. Still have to finish up my Halloween decorating....I know, somewhat late at this point, but I started, and gonna keep going LOL. Love the costumes.... Glad you were able to get together for some family time and fun. ~Robin~

Deb said...

I love the rugs you make. Our leaves are falling off the trees here too- inevitable I know, but I so enjoyed the lovely, vibrant fall colors. Getting a generator is a good idea. I'm with you about listening to nature. I think those who hike with earbuds in miss out on part of the experience of being in the woods. Hope you have a good week.

Saundra said...

I so agree with needing peace and quiet at times and I no longer work. But since I live alone am used to the silence. Tho I have missed going to a couple camps due to covid and thoroughly enjoy them while there, it is wonderful to get back home to the quiet.

Great job on all those rugs. Love your version of Jack and the crow and maybe next year I'll hook another in different colors and do that border.

yaya said...

We've talked about getting a generator too. Like you we lose everything when the power goes out. The biggest loss is water because we have a well. Thankfully we don't lose power too often but when we do it's a struggle! I could never get tired of Fall scenery! Your area is so pretty it would be a shame not to capture it's beauty. No snow here yet. Next week we're suppose to get into the 70's for a few days. I love these cool days now but I know snow will follow. My brother in Wisconsin already had their first snow fall. That party looks like my cup of tea! Glad you had a good time with Farmer Dave! Have a good week!


Julia said...

Your fall pictures are so lovely. A feast for the eyes.

Every time I see a clown, I think about Kim Jones. She had an aversion to clowns.

We are still waiting for our Generex generator to be hooked up to the power panel. We got the work order but such a long wait here too.

Stay safe and well and enjoy the colors. We haven't had snow yet. I can wait quite a while for the stuff.
Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Jennifer Gail said...

Love all photos of Fall. You make me want to learn hooking.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your fall colors are so pretty. Ours are just getting started but because we have been so dry I wonder...
Great finish on Jack's Crow. I love your giant Xs. You have been hooking up a storm. Feels good, doesn't it?
I love silence. I never turn on a TV and rarely listen to music. I love the sounds of silence!!!

WoolenSails said...

I never get sick of seeing photos of fall, and nice to see it in different areas since we haven't been able to get out as far. The halloween party looks fun, not sure what the kids will be doing but so far they plan on trick or treating.


Prims By The Water said...

How fun to have a Halloween party! Not sure yet if the kiddos here will be able to trick or treat. The colors of Autumn have been so vibrant this year. Just wonderful! Janice

Hill Top Post said...

I have loved seeing your beautiful fall pictures! John Muir is quite an inspiration for all of us who enjoy sauntering about the countryside. Your new rugs are delightful.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You have been on my mind so much these days. I have wanted to sit down and catch up with you and to apologize for loosing contact.
I always loved your Blog and especially this time of the year! Your foliage pics are always beautiful! Yes why would someone be there but not be there. Enjoying everything God has given your awesome state.
I have missed our chats. I have worried about you during this Covid craziness.
I will enjoy reading your blog tonight. If you still have my email let me know how your doing.
Maggie said...

I’ve never read that Muir quote but I heartily agree. Nature is very loud if you tune your ears. I’ve always liked Halloween- such fun. Your mats are nice! Thanks for the autumnal post