Sunday, October 11, 2020

What Happened?

A battle all day at work...

Last Monday my sweet friend and I headed up Rattlesnake, a hike we have done before. This is in the town I live over looking the lake. It is usually very busy but we caught it on a less busy day and up we went.

The day was glorious! 

After we got to the top we lounged on the rocks and ate snacks and talked, perfect! We are pretty good at social distancing and we donned our masks when we met someone on the trail. That was the first time I had used a mask on a hike not that great let me tell you.

I took a trick or treat pumpkin and cut it so I could wrap it around the light in our lamp on the driveway.

Then husband got in the attic for something and found our ghost.
He is holding an orange pumpkin it just doesn't show up when I take a picture. And the pumpkin above is the same as the picture before.

I have a few Halloween/ fall things scattered around.

I made pumpkin bread with cinnamon sugar on the top it is very good. And I will settle down with a piece and a cup of tea after this post.
Husband has lit the fireplace, we are tucked in. It gets dark so early now.

I wish I had done a before picture but this is the wool I had shown last post in the dye pot. It came out great! It was a horrid gold.

We have a weekend house guest this is Kora her family is camping no dogs allowed. So she has settled in with her grandparents and is enjoying herself. 

Jack's crow why do I have such issues??? I ripped out for the third time husband looks over and sees the large holes and says.
"Oh my God what happened to your rug can you fix it?" Um I rip out all the time, I guess he had never seen the aftermath lol. I started laughing for some reason it struck me as funny. 

 Jack's crow is done I will show a better picture when he is bound I am going to give this a try this time. 

And this is the first time I have hooked on two different rugs at the same time. I have lots of half done things that I put away and start on something else, but this time when I ran out of wool on one rug I would work on the other. I am almost done this one too and it will be a pillow. 

Husband had a Dr's appointment this week about 45 minutes south of us to our capital. He called me at work and said "How about I pick up Olive garden to go for dinner tonight." Now I know this is just a fancier fast food but we have nothing like that near us. And I didn't have to cook! We were both thrilled with it and had plenty for a second meal. Kind of crazy what makes us happy now days.
His big appointment in Boston that he has yearly has been moved to a zoom appointment. We are thrilled it takes us 2 plus hours to get there to see this Dr for about 15 minutes. The traffic is horrid and we are exhausted when we get home.
I hope you all are enjoying the fall and safe from hurricanes and fires. Have a great week.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Those views are absolutely breath-taking??? May I ask what lake that is?? It looks huge! I so get the "condensation" thing... EEEK....and then anxiety sets in.... Both of your rugs look wonderful! I somehow, for some reason, have not picked up my hook for weeks now. I took it off my frame to take it to the lake as I usually make time to hook at least a littler there, but never did....brought it home, and same thing. I finally forced myself to pick up my needle....not much progress there, but at least it's something. We actually enjoy Olive Garden on occasion....We have one about 30 minutes away. I love the Zuppa Tuscana and a salad. I make the soup and it tastes the same...if not better...but my husband doesn't care for it, so it's always a treat to get it and not have to make a batch just for me. Hope your weekend was a good one ~Robn~

yaya said...

I missed your last post of all the beautiful leaves! I love the pics from this post too. You do live in a beautiful area! Our leaves are just getting started. So many changed this weekend and I'm looking forward to taking some time this week to leaf peep around my town! Your rugs are so pretty. You have a wonderful talent! It's been a little warmer than normal but I'm seeing the chill starting at the middle of the week. Have a good week!

Judy said...

Glad you didn't have to drive into Boston!
I haven't been there in 18 years and the traffic was horrendous then--I can only imagine how it is now.
I like the Sheep.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You have been very productive. Jack's done and another nearing completion.
Your dyed wool is beautiful.
What gorgeous views on your hike! We have nothing but FLAT here in northern Ohio!!!
I would go nuts if I had to wear a mask all day. I am heading to Las Vegas soon to visit my son for a few days and will need to wear a mask 6-7 hours at the airport and on the flight. ARGH!!!

WoolenSails said...

I have not hiked up there yet, but hopefully we can get up there more, next year. Your rugs are both beautiful, I still have ones I never bound, so I need to start going through projects this year and finish things up. I am sure I will be indoors more this winter.


Deb said...

So glad your husband could do a Zoom appointment.We have had some Zoom appointments too during this pandemic. I love the hike. That looks like one I would enjoy. Hope you have a great week. I always enjoy your posts.

Saundra said...

Love your sheep piece and of course Jack's Crow. Dang, wish I'd done my binding like that; but as Lauren said, perhaps later I'll have just the right project to do it on.

Curious ~ what dye did you use to tone down that gawdy gold? Khaki perhaps? Or maybe black walnuts?

Jennifer Gail said...

Love your Fall stuff and all your hooking.

Julia said...

It must be awesome to hike in those beautiful places. The view is gorgeous.
I love your sheep rug. It will make a beautiful pillow for sure. I love how the gold wool turned out. Do you have a project in mind for that color?. I like that your husband could get a zoom appointment. It makes sense to me and saves so much time, money, and stress.

Take care, stay safe, and well.

Prims By The Water said...

I miss Olive Garden. Too far for us to pick up. Love the view. Also funny about your hubby's comment to your rug holes. Janice

Farm Girl said...

I think Olive Garden is always a treat. How nice you had some and it special when it last two days. Your bread looks wonderful. What nice views you have. I bet its just lovely to go on a hike there. Its still in the 90s here during the day, but since moving we have a nice little gas fire in the fireplace. So we sit in the morning and watch it with coffee. There is just something cozy about watching a fire.
I love what you did with your light and your ghost is nice too. Moving into a neighborhood its so different. These people go all out for Halloween.
I hope you have a great weekend. I love that rug, I just need to order it so I can do it next year. I loved it when Lauren did it. Yours is so nice too. I did laugh at your husband's comment. That is so cute. I think that sheep rug will make a great pillow.
I am glad your weather is staying nice.

Donna said...

So many likes on this post...your Jack Crow reverse hooking story is too funny and BTW he's adorable. What a treat...Olive Garden...yummy sounds wonderful. As does your bread. Donna