Sunday, May 31, 2020

If You Don't Like The Weather...

Just wait a minute. So true for us here in New England.
We went into the heat, Then day two the humidity started,by day three we were horrid just so humid!! I hate to be hot!! We do not have air conditioning as it usually passes in a day or two.

And pass it has it went from 94 humid in the shade to 53 breezy and dry in the sun! We are going into the mid 30's tonight! This coming week seems to have lots of rain showers in it which we do need we are dry.

I finally got some clams. My husband does not like them so I took a large bowl and headed out on our porch. yummm

And then we had some Lobster I had them cook it at the store. I picked the meat out and we had lobster rolls on Croissants so good and quelled a craving I had for awhile. 

After the horrid heat broke I made a batch of cookies. These are King Arthur flour choc chip oatmeal. It calls for 3 cups of choc chips. I put a cup of white choc, milk choc, and dark choc. Oh they are a hit. We saw my daughter and family today and they loved them. Bake right to the instructions if you try them it makes a very big difference.

And speaking of my daughter and family, look who got her own phone! Sweet B, my daughter and son in law are so on top of things they have instituted lots of rules and they always follow through. So I am confident she will have fun and not abuse her privilege.
We had fun getting her phone number and texting her. 

Now onto my rug 

Still not a great picture next time it is nice and bright outside I will take it out to get a picture. I have chosen two blues to use for the animals. I have some tweaking to do but I like it so far. Yes the background is going to be on the lighter side. I was told there was a poem that went with this rug does anyone know it?
Our governor is opening things slowly and kept the stay at home order for at least another two weeks. I think he is doing a good job under very difficult conditions. I am still home and so happy to be here. We go no where and the only people we have seen is our daughter and family every couple of weeks. I know some people feel we should loosen up but they did not live with us when my husband was deathly ill for a year plus. I do not want to live through that again. We are doing just fine here and feel safe.
Have a wonderful week and stay healthy


Chris Lally said...

Your weather sounds a lot like ours when we lived in southern Michigan. It was tough:( Still, between the clams, lobster, cookies, & new phone, all seems good. And your rug? It's already a winner!
Thanks for the good wishes. Same to you and hubby!!!

Dayle said...

Your sweet B is growing up too fast.So happy you are still safe at home! Your dinner looks yummy, now I want a lobster roll! Yup, crazy weather. Turn up the heat please ��

Donna said...

No hot this week and today we're quite chilly. We here on the coast didn't get the humidity we got the wind and today was out of control. Lobsters look yummy but i'm not a fan of the steamers. Your cookies however look i want some. I did have ice cream
for desert tonight. hehehe. I love that Miss B now has her own cute. My girls also have them and we text. so cute. You're lucky you got to visit with the kids...but stay safe my friend. Miss you.

Saundra said...

Oh my but being from the shore I love all things which come from the sea....clams, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, fish of all kinds ~ you name it and I'll eat it. Wow, B is really growing up and can't believe I've seen that in my eyes also. Shessh.

Rugs and Pugs said...

How cool that you can now text Sweet B.
Your rug is coming along great! My hooking is in slow motion. Too much yard work cutting in to my fun time.
Those cookies look REALLY GOOD :)

Julia said...

Being a Maritimer, that seafood has my mouth-watering. You got a lot done on the new rug. It's looking great. I'm sure Miss B. will not abuse her cell phone privileges. The weather has been pretty much like yours. It was cold yesterday bur warmer today.
I've been working outside a lot and I'm all tanned. I haven't taken any photos and I have neglected my blog again even though I had every intention of blogging more frequently. My life is just a repeat of the years before except I'm getting older, lol.
HUgs, Julia

moosecraft said...

Mmmmm... Lobster! :-) We had the same weather....and on a very hot and humid day we put in our window ac's... then Saturday night went down to 47... and it's been cool ever since! lol! Tomorrow we are 88 and humid for awhile though, so we are prepared!
I think that you and Sweet B will be texting and sending photos often! :-)
Can't beat King Arthur recipes... I tried the Donut Muffins last week. Oh YUM! They really do taste just like a cinnamon sugar donut! :-)

TheCrankyCrow said...

I think we have your weather in reverse....a few days ago we had freeze we were incredibly humid and I think we topped 90? That's rare here... Now the skies are darkening and the wind is kicking in full force...storms moving in fast. I love lobster, but have never had a lobster roll? And am not particularly fond of the oysters I have had...but don't want to judge all oysters by them LOL. And those cookies...yum!! Great progress on the rug! Beautiful color choices. ~Robin~

Himawan Sant said...

Oh, lobster is tempting ... it sure tastes good.

Children of the same age in my country also like mobile phones to fill their daily lives. They are millennials.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Our weather is just plain HOT!!! Triple digits during the day and the low today is 80!!!! At least it is coolest when we take our walk at 5am but once the sun comes out......inside we go!! I would LOVE some of your weather, but know all the changes can be so frustrating!!
I'm not much for clams either, but LOBSTER..........YUM!!! I have always wanted to try a lobster roll so would love your recipe!! Your cookies look wonderful too, and our favorite is Chocolate Chip!! I am planning to make cookies in a day or so and will make them with Choc chips, coconut, oatmeal, and pecans!! They are WONDERFUL!!!
Love your rug and think the lighter background will be perfect!! Sweet B looks so cute with her phone and so very smart to have all the guidelines in place!! Great parenting!!!
I think you and your hubby need to do what is best for you as only you can know that!!
Take care and keep well!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

518frenchgirl said...

Nice that you got to visit with your granddaughter and family. I know it seemed like forever. Texting with her must be fun. Lobsters and cookies, yum!! Great progress on the rug, must try researching for the poem. Birds look great and love your bright flowers. Marilou