Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter In Quarantine

This pretty much summed up our day wishing we were with our family. There is usually 25 of us for dinner and a egg hunt. So it was very quiet.

There are some things starting to bloom..

And the forsythia that I forced last week is blooming..

My daughter hosted a zoom for the family. we all made it 
and we were all talking at once. But it was so nice to see everyone's healthy and happy faces! I miss them all so much.

We have had crazy weather this week we had about 3 inches of snow but it was gone by the end of the next day. More bad weather is coming in tonight but hopefully it is just rain. But sadly it will be to much rain and cause flooding.

We have been keeping ourselves busy with baking...

And hooking. Not sure about that wing yet that is why the arrow. I am really enjoying this rug. 

I got two new puzzles for husband

He started the 1500 piece one, just looking at it overwhelms me 
but he is enjoying the challenge. 

While cleaning out some more of my crap I found this price sheet for cushings from the good old days of 1989 

31 years ago did not seem that long ago did it?
I have not been hooking that long so not sure if it came in a used cutter I bought.
I have seen a return to blogging which I love! I am seeing lots of long time bloggers back at it.
We are healthy and doing well the being home part is no big deal for us ,it is the missing our loved ones part that is getting the better of us. 
I hope you are well and keeping busy.
have a wonderful week!


Donna said...

Same here my friend. We usually spend our Easter at my daughter's along with her in-laws & families...about 20+. I am happy to be back at my blog also and fun to reconnect with other bloggers. Keep in touch ♥️🐇

Dayle said...

Happy Easter! It is a different celebration like you said,however a true blessing to know our family and friends are well! Your forsythia are cheerful, and love the green vase, roseville??? Things are getting greener every day and lots of sunny days are helping all of us cope. Not sure what Mother Nature is bringing us tomorrow, but sounds like it's going to be too windy for the strongest of kites!

Prims By The Water said...

How fun you were able to get together via Zoom even thought you were not able to physically. I have been baking more cookies since quarantine. Peanut Butter ones today. Janice

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Yes, Easter was quiet for us, too, but we know it is so important to stay apart so we stay safe! How fun to be able to have the family Zoom call!!! Great idea and I know that is the time that technology is so wonderful!!! Your baking looks great and the puzzles look so challenging and fun!! Sorry for your bad weather and it seems like so many are being affected by storms right now!! Wish I could send you some of our sunshine!!
Your rug is looking good, too!!
Take care and enjoy your week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Saundra said...

Ah, Birds and Pomegranates. Hard to tell about your colors since the photo isn't rotated in upright position but will see what you decide when posted again.

We are having heavy rain, heavy winds, thunderstorms, and possible tornadoes today. Our local radio station said there are trees down across some roads with live wires down and to stay home unless it is necessary. Of course we are all social distancing anyway.

Am sure it was lovely to see those familial faces on Easter Sunday even if you couldn't hug.

Julia said...

We had a nice quiet Easter also but we connected by phone and texting. We are on river watch as we are supposed to get a lot of rain today. It has not started yet... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't flood badly like the last two years.
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

All of a sudden everyone seems to be using Zoom (but not!). How nice you were able to communicate that way.
Your rug looks great. I love that pattern.
WOW! That is one big puzzle hubby is working on.
You definitely have had some crazy weather. At least you are seeing signs of spring.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Belated Easter Tidings Cathy! Hmmm, like I said before, I must live under the same rock Lauren does as I don't do Zoom either...and wouldn't have anyone to "zoom" anyways LOL. It was a quiet holiday here...thought my son would be able to come (he lives only 5 minutes away and is here anyways when working in his shop)...but he decided not to come after looks of cooking for nothing.... We had a bit of a blizzard...I think we ended up with 10" or so??? Hard to tell with all the wind. Snow squalls yet today...and high winds....and frigid cold....think it's supposed to get down to like 12 tonight. So no blooms of any kind for us yet. I think your rug is looking wonderful...not seeing much of a difference between the two wings??? Think they both look great. Stay well...and hang in there!! ~Robin~

Chris Lally said...

Yes, our computers have been such a blessing lately. With the exception of the nasty weather, good to hear you had a good week. Hope this week is even better:)

Hill Top Post said...

"Zoom" is becoming a household word these days; seems it's a big thing with the teachers in the family. I don't do "Zoom!" 1500 pieces! Ouch! We are challenged with 1,000. I think I would rather hook a rug, though. I like the direction you are going with your new one.

yaya said...

Quiet is the word for our Easter as well. You're staying busy with fun things! Stay safe and I hope your weather gets better!